Saturday, 27 August 2016

Pharmacist Grade 2 Health Services 605/2013 - Part 3

21.       In tablet manufacturing, TALC is used as
(A) Diluent                    (B) Granulating agent
(C) Glidant                    (D) Disintegrating agent
Answer: C
22.       SCHICK TEST is done to
(A) Detect the degree of immunity against Diphtheria.
(B) Detect the degree of immunity against Tuberculosis
(C) Detect the degree of immunity against Typhoid
(D) identify the presence of Ketone bodies in urine
Answer: A
23.       Glycerin or Sorbitol is added to gelatin in the preparation of soft gelatin capsules as
(A) Preservatives         (B) Plasticizer
(C) Polishing agent     (D) Sweetening agent
Answer: B
24.       Principle of Size Reduction in Ball Mill is
(A) Compression         (B) Impact
(C) Attrition                   (D) Combination of Impact and Attrition
Answer: D
25.       Eugenia caryophyllus is the botanical name of
(A) Clove                       (B) Eucalyptus
(C) Coriander               (D) Cardamom
Answer: A
26.       Who among the following is not an Ex-officio member of central council of Pharmacy Council of India
(A) Director General, Health Services
(B) Drugs Controller of India
(C) Director, Central Drugs Laboratory
(D) Health Secretary, Govt. of India
Answer: D
27.       The limit test of Iron depends upon the interaction of iron with
(A) Barium Sulphate reagent            (B) Diphenyl thiocarbazone
(C) Thioglycollic acid              (D) Mercuric Chloride
Answer: C
28.       In relation to emulsion, formation of a layer of relatively concentrated emulsion above or below the surface is known as
(A) Cracking                 (B) Creaming
(C) Mottling                   (D) Phase inversion
Answer: B
29.       Drugs Inspector is appointed as per the provisions of
(A) Pharmacy Act 1948
(B) Drugs and Cosmetics Act 1945
(C) Drugs Inspector Act 1940
(D) Narcotic and Psychotropic Substances Act 1985
Answer: B
30.    Presence of lignified trichomes is the characteristic microscopic feature of
(A) Nux-vomica                        (B) Digitalis
(C) Datura                     (D) Cinchona
Answer: A

Friday, 26 August 2016

Pharmacist Grade 2 Health Services 605/2013 - Part 2

11.       Who implemented 'Misra Bhojana Programme'(dining along with the lower castes) to fight against the evils of caste system in kerala ?
(A) K. Ayyappan                                  (B) K. Kelappan
(C) Mannathu Padmanabhan                      (D) Sree Narayana Guru
Answer: A
12.       Who is known as the father of the political movement in Travancore ?
(A) K.P Achutha Menon         (B) C. Kunjirama Menon
(C) Mannath Krishnan Nair   (D) G.P. Pillai
Answer: D
13.       'Pritzker Prize' is considered as the highest honour in the field of ………..
(A) Journalism             (B) Inter religious co-operation
(C) Architecture           (D) Multi-lingual Education
Answer: C
14.       Which Indian state has the lowest population density ?
(A) Missoram                (B) Arunanchal Pradesh
(C) Sikkim                     (D) Kerala
Answer: B
15.       Which global organisation is behind the 'Earth Hour' observed on every march ?
(A) Amnesty International      (B) World Wild Fund for Nature
(C) Greenpeace                       (D) UNEP
Answer: B
16.       The 2017 FIFA Cofederation Cup Football will be held in …………..
(A) Qatar                        (B) Newzeland
(C) Russia                    (D) China
Answer: C
17.       Who founded an order entitled the 'Prathyksha Raksha Daiva Sabha' ?
(A) Sree Kumara Guru Deva
(B) Kandathil Varghese Mappila
(C) Blessed Kuriakose Elias Chavara
(D) Vagbhadanandan
Answer: A
18.       'Reddimer mishap' in Pallana river is associated with
(A) Vallathol                 (B) Ulloor
(C) Kumaranasan       (D) Poonthanam
Answer: C
19.       Present State Election Commissioner of Kerala
(A) Nalini Netto                                    (B) K. Sasidharan Nair
(C) K.M Chandrashekhar      (D) K.P Dhandapani
Answer: B
20.    Name the world's thinnest and strongest nano material.
(A) Graphene               (B) Titanium Nanorods
(C) Iron Nanofoils        (D) Copper Nanowires
Answer: A

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Pharmacist Grade 2 Health Services 605/2013 - Part 1

Question Paper Code: 4/2015/OL
Category Code: 605/2013
Exam: Pharmacist Grade 2 Health Services
Date of Test 31-01-2015
Alphacode A

1.       Who was the Founder of 'Araya Samaj'.
(A) Poykayil Sree Kumara Guru Deva
(B) Bhrahmananda Siva Yogi
(C) K.P. Karuppan
(D) Rajaram Mohan Roy
Answer: C
2.       Who is known as the Architect or patron saint of modern All India Services(IAS&IPS)
(A) Warren Hasting                             (B) Sardar Vallabhai Patel
(C) Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad       (D) Lord Rippon
Answer: B
3.       Which of the following regions in India is the richest in iron and coal deposits ?
(A) Chota Nagpur Plateau     (B) Southern Region
(C) Himalayan Region                       (D) Thar Desert
Answer: A
4.       'Stride toward Freedom' is autobiography of
(A) Nelson Mandela                (B) Khama N Kruma
(C) Martin Luther King Jr.      (D) Aung Sang Suki
Answer: C
5.       Longest Rail Bridge in India
(A) Ganga Rail Bridge                        (B) Jubily Railway Bridge
(C) Nehru Setu Bridge                       (D) Vembanad Rail Bridge
Answer: D
6.       The disputed 'Babli Project' is situated across the river ……………
(A) Krishna                   (B) Godavari
(C) Narmada                 (D) Thapthi
Answer: B
7.       Which city in India is called as 'Zero mile centre of India' ?
(A) Chennai                 (B) Kulu
(C) Shimla                    (D) Nagpur
Answer: D
8.       'Boko Haram' is a terrorist organization in ………….
(A) Nigeria                    (B) Tunishia
(C) Iraq                          (D) Egypth
Answer: A
9.       70% of the Rainfall in Kerala is from 'Kalavarsham'. It is
(A) North East Monsoon        (B) East Asian Monsoon
(C) South East Monsoon       (D) South West Monsoon
Answer: D
10.    'Gate Way of India' build in 1911 in commemoration of the visit of ………..
(A) King Henry I and Metilda of Scotland
(B) King George IV and Maria Fitzherbert
(C) King William IV and Saxe Meninger
(D) King George V and Queen Mary
Answer: D

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Medical Records Librarian Gr II (102/2011) - Part 10

91.       'Green stick' fractures are usually seen in
(A) Injuries due to stick                       (B) Children
(C) Old age due to osteoporosis       (D) Road traffic accident
Answer: B
92.       Fracture of the ankle involving both the tibia and fibula
(A) Green stick             (B) Trasverse
(C) Pott's                       (D) Avulsion
Answer: C
93.       World Health Day in 2003 focus on healthy environment for
(A) Children                  (B) Adults
(C) Adolescent             (D) Old people
Answer: A
94.       What do you mean by good medical records ?
(A) Standard size of medical records forms
(B) Good quality of paper, printing, style, convenient file etc.
(C) Sufficient data written in sequence of events to justify the diagnosis, treatment and end result.
(D) Record contain all basic record forms.
Answer: C
95.       'Whiplash' injuries are seen in
(A) Road traffic accident                    (B) Custodial death
(C) Causes of whipping and torture            (D) Cause of all the above
Answer: A
96.       What do you mean by inpatient bed
(A) Total number of IP bed available in the hospital
(B) Total number of patient occupied IP beds
(C) Any bed meant for over night stay
(D) Average bed occupancy
Answer: A
97.       In ICDO- 'X' letter code is used for
(A) No sub site             (B) Not specified site
(C) Unknown               (D) No diagnosis
Answer: A
98.       According to ICD Hansen's disease will come under
(A) Infectious and parasitic disease
(B) Neoplasm
(C) Disease of the blood and blood forming organs
(D) Disease of the nervous system
Answer: A
99.       Scientific measurement of the dimension of the head
(A) Cephalography                 (B) Cephalometer
(C) Cephalometry                    (D) Cephalomotor
Answer: C
100.    99-46-96, 00-47-96 : Select the correct numbering system
(A) Straight numeric                (B) Terminal Digit
(C) Middle digit                         (D) Terminal digit and middle digit
Answer: B

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Medical Records Librarian Gr II (102/2011) - Part 9

81.       Proctosopy is the procedure of …………..
(A) Anus                        (B) Nose
(C) Chest          (D) Rectum
Answer: D
82.       The shape of Pie diagram is ……………..
(A) Rectangular bar    (B) Circle
(C) Lines                       (D) Square
Answer: B
83.       This is an important muscle which divides the thoracic cavity from the abdominal cavity
(A) Voluntary                (B) Involuntary
(C) Cardiac                   (D) Diaphram
Answer: D
84.       In ICD-10, K 00- K 93 indicates
(A) Disease of the circulatory system
(B) Disease of the respiratory system
(C) Disease of the nervous system
(D) Disease of the digestive system
Answer: D
85.       Hydrostatic test is carried out to determine
(A) Live birth of a baby
(B) Death of a baby
(C) Probable cause of death of baby
(D) Water potability
Answer: A
86.       Volvulus means ………….
(A) Causing obstruction
(B) Twisting of intestine
(C) Twisting of intestine upon itself causing obstruction
(D) Twisting of large intestine upon itself causing of obstruction
Answer: C
87.       What is POMR
(A) Place On Medical Records
(B) Problem Oriented Medical Records
(C) Problem Originated Medical Records
(D) Problem Omitted Medical Records
Answer: B
88.       A fracture where the ends of bone are forced into one another
(A) Impacted                 (B) Avulsion
(C) Comminuted          (D) Spiral
Answer: A
89.       This is a condition where the weakness is in the diaphragm
(A) Umbilical Hernea              (B) Inguinal Hernia
(C) Femoral Hernia                 (D) Hiatus Hernia
Answer: D
90.    Meaning of cyanosis
(A) Difficulty in breathing                   (B) Blueness of skin
(C) Insufficient oxygen in the blood            (D) Rapid breathing
Answer: B

Monday, 22 August 2016

Medical Records Librarian Gr II (102/2011) - Part 8

71.       ……………… are chemical substances produced in one part of the body that regulate the activities of certain organs or group of cells in other part of the body.
(A) Enzymes     (B) Anti bodies
(C) Estrogen     (D) Hormones
Answer: D
72.       The ability to detect changes in the environment is …………..
(A) Movement               (B) Sensitivity
(C) Sensation               (D) Power
Answer: B
73.       Name the ductless gland is ……………..
(A) Endocrine gland   (B) Exocrine gland
(C) Thyroid gland        (D) Pituitary gland
Answer:-Question Cancelled
74.       Blood cells are manufactures in the ……………..
(A) Bone                        (B) Liver
(C) Bone marrow         (D) Gall blader
Answer: C
75.       A small bone to which the tongue is attached
(A) Maxillary     (B) Ethmoid
(C) Frontal        (D) Hyoid
Answer: D
76.       These act as shock absorbers, preventing damage to the structure
(A) Vertebral column               (B) Curvatures
(C) Inter vertebral discs          (D) Cartilage
Answer: C
77.       Write the meaning of steato
(A) Fat                (B) High
(C) Behind        (D) Thick
Answer: A
78.       Medical term of breast bone is ……………
(A) Sternum                  (B) Ribs
(C) Colar bones           (D) Clavicle
Answer: A
79.       Alpha fetoprotein is a blood test for detect
(A) Down's syndrome             (B) Hormone deficiency
(C) Vitamin deficiency                        (D) Iodine deficiency
Answer: A
80.    Normal blood pressure is
(A) 100/70 mm Hg                   (B) 120/80 mm Hg
(C) 80/120 mm Hg                   (D) 110/70 mm Hg
Answer: B