Sunday, 25 March 2018

WARDEN/STORE ISSUER GR II/STORE KEEPER/ MATRON GR I (011/2018) Question Paper & Answer Key


Question Paper Code : 011/2018  
Medium of Question : Malayalam/Kannada/Tamil
Date of Test : 20/01/2018  

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Friday, 23 March 2018

HSST JUNIOR ECONOMICS 012/2018 Question Paper & Answer Key


Question Code: 012/2018    
Higher Secondary School Teacher (Junior)-Economics-  Kerala Higher Secondary Education  
Medium of Question: English     
Date of Test: 22/01/2018 

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Thursday, 22 March 2018

JUNIOR INSTRUCTOR 42/2018 Question Paper & Answer Key


Question Code: 42/2018  
Medium of Question: ENGLISH   
Date of Test: 05.03.2018   

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Sunday, 18 February 2018

Staff Nurse Gr II Medical Solved Paper 018/2018 - Part 5

81.       Ponderal index of term gestational age normal neonate :
(A) >2.5
(B) <2.5
(C) <2
(D) 2
Answer: A
82.       The immediate action taken by a first aider to rescue a victim of heat stroke :
(A) Give oral fluids
(B) Fanning of victim
(C) Remove victim from hot environment
(D) Spraying water over the victim
Answer: C
83.       Which of the following is not a cause for pernicious anaemia?
(A) Bleeding
(B) Chronic alcoholism
(C) Long term use of certain antibiotics
(D) Lack of intrinsic factor
Answer: A
84.       Which of the following surgery leads to Dumping syndrome?
(A) Appendectomy
(B) Gastrectomy
(C) Cholecystectomy
(D) Sigmoidectomy
Answer: B
85.       Which of the lab value would the nurse to be evaluated for a patient with pancreatitis?
(A) Serum.lipase
(B) Serum.CPK
(C) Serum.ALP
(D) Serum.AST
Answer: A
86.       The extrapyramidal side effect of antipsychotic agents are managed with following group of drugs except :
(A) Dopamine drugs
(B) Anticholinergic
(C) Antihistamines
(D) Barbiturates
Answer: D
87.       Among the following which one is a delusional disorder?
(A) Trance
(B) Capuras’ syndrome
(C) Dissociative fugue
(D) Ganser’s syndrome
Answer: B
88.       Which one is a fact about persons with suicidal tendency?
(A) Suicide happens without warning
(B) Once a person is suicidal, he/she is suicidal forever
(C) Most suicidal person are undecided about dying or living
(D) Suicidal persons are fully intent on dying
Answer: C
89.       Publication of a false statement about an individual made either verbally or in some other form to the third person :
(A) Battery
(B) Displacement
(C) Depersonalization
(D) Defamation
Answer: D
90.    Most frequent neurotic disorder in puerperium :
(A) Postpartum blues
(B) Postpartum depression
(C) Postpartum psychosis
(D) Delivery related stress and anxiety
Answer: B

91.    Which of the following is used in drug dependence to prevent relapse?
(A) Naloxone
(B) Naltrexone
(C) Neuroleptic
(D) Nomifensine
Answer: B
92.    The most commonest psychiatric disorder after head injury is :
(A) Mania
(B) Schizophrenia
(C) Depression
(D) Phobia
Answer: A
93.    Which of the following is not an element of management?
(A) Reporting
(B) Organising
(C) Staffing
(D) Commanding
Answer: D
94.    Ability of an instrument to detect changes or differences when they occur :
(A) Validity
(B) Reliability
(C) Objectivity
(D) Sensitivity
Answer: D
95.    Which among the following is not a fact about EBP (evidence based practice)?
(A) Is use of best evidence to make decisions about care and treatment.
(B) Contribute to expand the knowledge base of profession.
(C) Includes patient preferences and values.
(D) Is another term for utilization of research findings.
Answer: D
96.    As per the triage system, green colour code refers to :
(A) Injuries are life threatening but survivable with minimal intervention.
(B) Injuries are minor and treatment can be delayed for hours to days.
(C) Injuries are extensive and chances of survival are unlikely even with care.
(D) Injuries are significant and require medical care but can wait for hours without threat to life.
Answer: B
97.    The audit which is conducted between 2 regular audit :
(A) Interval audit
(B) Final audit
(C) Interim audit
(D) Continuous audit
Answer: C
98.    One nurse is assigned the responsibility for the case of each patient from admission to discharge :
(A) Case method
(B) Primary nursing
(C) Functional method
(D) Team nursing
Answer: B
99.    Informal communication is also known as :
(A) Diagonal communication
(B) Cross wise communication
(C) Grape wine communication
(D) Horizontal communication
Answer: C
100.    Truth telling about disease and its prognosis to terminally ill patients, such situation which ethical principle is followed by a nurse?
(A) Confidentiality
(B) Fidelity
(C) Justice
(D) Veracity
Answer: D

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Saturday, 17 February 2018

Staff Nurse Gr II Medical Solved Paper 018/2018 - Part 4

61.       First aid for strong acid and alkali poisoning :
(A) Gastric lavage
(B) Tickling back of pharynx by finger
(C) Swallowing concentrated salt solution
(D) Do not induce vomiting
Answer: D
62.       Approximate weight of the placenta at term :
(A) 1/4th of baby’s wt
(B) 1/6th of baby’s wt
(C) 1/7th of baby’s wt
(D) 1/3rd of baby’s wt
Answer: B
63.       The part of fetal circulation which becomes fossa ovalis after birth :
(A) Umbilical arteries
(B) Ductus arteriosus
(C) Foramen ovale
(D) Umbilical vein
Answer: C
64.       Which of the following condition of a pregnant women needs immediate attention?
(A) Epigastric pain
(B) Pain radiating to back
(C) Cramps
(D) Heart burn
Answer: A
65.       Which among these is a sign/symptom of impending labour?
(A) Lightening
(B) Quickening
(C) Braxton hicks contraction
(D) Tightening
Answer: A
66.       Drug of choice for the management of eclampsia :
(A) Diazepam
(B) Epsolin
(C) Magnesium sulphate
(D) Labetalol
Answer: C
67.       A nurse in a labour room should do this measure to prevent prolonged labour to a patient :
(A) be with the patient
(B) maintaining partograph
(C) giving oxytocin
(D) assessing maternal and fetal vital signs
Answer: B
68.       Technique used by a midwife in 2nd stage of labour to facilitate delivery over an intact perineum :
(A) Ironing out
(B) Bearing down effort
(C) Fundal pressure
(D) Episiotomy
Answer: A
69.       The measure which is done to manage shoulder dystocia :
(A) Burns Marshall Manoeuvre
(B) Lovset Manoeuvre
(C) Mauriceau-Smellie-Viet Manoeuvre
(D) Mac Robert’s Manoeuvre
Answer: D
70.    The most heat sensitive vaccine which should be stored at −20oC :
(A) DPT vaccine
(B) Hepatitis vaccine
(C) Polio vaccine
(D) Measles vaccine
Answer: C

71.    The calories provided by 100 ml of breast milk to an infant :
(A) 66
(B) 42
(C) 85
(D) 73
Answer: *
72.    Apgar scoring done at which time period has more predictive value of neonatal well being?
(A) 1st min
(B) 10th min
(C) 5th min
(D) 15th min
Answer: C
73.    Damage of 7th or 8th cervical or thoracic nerve roots leads to :
(A) Facial palsy
(B) Erb’s palsy
(C) Klumpke’s palsy
(D) Bells palsy
Answer: C
74.    Kangaroo mother care may be continued for low birth weight babies until :
(A) Baby has no sign of hypothermia
(B) Baby has regular breathing
(C) Baby gains weight around 2500g
(D) Baby has no signs of infection and takes feeding
Answer: C
75.    A child has breath holding spell. What advice will you give the parent to manage the child?
(A) Give punishment to the child
(B) Protect and pamper the child
(C) Neglect the child during spell
(D) Be tolerant, calm and kind
Answer: D
76.    Which of the following is used for grading protein energy malnutrition?
(A) Ballard’s scale
(B) Gomez scale
(C) Bishop scoring
(D) Krammer’s rule
Answer: B
77.    A patient who takes an antihistamine medication diphenhydramine, what would be the expected side effect of the drug?
(A) Nervousness
(B) Palpitation
(C) Dry mouth
(D) Tremors
Answer: C
78.    A patient who is taking beta blockers is monitored for shock. Which manifestation of the shock won’t present to such patient?
(A) Hypotension
(B) Tachycardia
(C) Oliguria
(D) Altered mental status
Answer: B
79.    Which of the following statement is correct about malignant tumour?
(A) Malignant tumour stop dividing prematurely
(B) Malignant tumour invade surrounding cells and tissues
(C) Malignant tumour remains localized
(D) Malignant tumours have defective cell communication
Answer: B
80.    The cost effective way to prevent spreading of microorganism :
(A) Wearing mask
(B) Wearing gloves
(C) Hand hygiene
(D) Wearing gown
Answer: C

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Friday, 16 February 2018

Staff Nurse Gr II Medical Solved Paper 018/2018 - Part 3

41.       Which of the following is not a part of portal vein?
(A) Splenic vein
(B) Hepatic vein
(C) Gastric vein
(D) Cystic vein
Answer: B
42.       A form of self-evaluation that help nurse judge personal performance and make judgment about standards of practice :
(A) Repression
(B) Recollection
(C) Regression
(D) Reflection
Answer: D
43.       The point at which the chlorine demand of water is fully met is called :
(A) disinfection point
(B) break point
(C) saturation point
(D) free point
Answer: B
44.       The conflict carried by individuals not for themselves but for an ideal :
(A) positive conflict
(B) direct conflict
(C) indirect conflict
(D) class conflict
Answer: A
45.       Mosquito which breed in dirty and polluted water :
(A) anopheles
(B) culex
(C) aedes
(D) mansonoides
Answer: B
46.       National program of nutritional support to primary education is also known as :
(A) Special nutrition program
(B) Mid day meal scheme
(C) Mid day meal program
(D) Balawadi nutrition program
Answer: B
47.       Epidemiological triad excludes :
(A) Host
(B) Agent
(C) Environment
(D) Health
Answer: D
48.       Injection of diphtheria antitoxin gives :
(A) Active immunity
(B) Passive immunity
(C) Natural immunity
(D) Cellular immunity
Answer: B
49.       The storage temperature of BCG vaccine :
(A) 2-8oC
(B) 8-10oC
(C) 10-12oC
(D) 6-11oC
Answer: A
50.    A strategy for effective communication where the interviewer validate information from the client without changing the meaning of statement :
(A) Clarifying
(B) Summarizing
(C) Paraphrasing
(D) Focusing
Answer: C
51.    Volume of blood pumped by the heart during 1 minute in a normal healthy adult :
(A) 1000 ml/min
(B) 1500 ml/min
(C) 2000 ml/min
(D) 5000 ml/min
Answer: D
52.    Formula used for converting Celsius scale of temperature to Fahrenheit scale :
(A) (9/5)×C+32
(B) (5/9)×C+32
(C) (9×5/32)−C
(D) (5/9)×C−32
Answer: A
53.    A physician order, means medication to be given only once at a specified time :
(A) stat order
(B) prn order
(C) single order
(D) standing order
Answer: C
54.    The site preferred for giving I/M injection for adults and anyone over 7 months old :
(A) Vastus lateralis
(B) Deltoid
(C) Dorso gluteal
(D) Ventro gluteal
Answer: D
55.    Rising ICP (intra cranial pressure) is accompanied by :
(A) Tachycardia and Hypotension
(B) Bradycardia and Hypotension
(C) Bradycardia and Hypertension
(D) Tachycardia and Hypertension
Answer: C
56.    A process of redirecting the energy produced by unacceptable desires or activities so that they become acceptable :
(A) Reaction formation
(B) Projection
(C) Identification
(D) Sublimation
Answer: D
57.    The suitable method to handle an overactive aggressive patient is :
(A) Accepting criticism and verbal attacks without punishment
(B) Firing the person and applying restraints
(C) Avoiding the person and neglect him for a while
(D) Try to cheer up the person and give praise and encouragement
Answer: A
58.    Recommended protein requirement of an Indian adult :
(A) 1g/kg body Wt
(B) 0.1g/kg body Wt
(C) 2g/kg body Wt
(D) 1.5g/kg body Wt
Answer: A
59.    Malnutrition comprises of following form except :
(A) Under nutrition
(B) Over nutrition
(C) Imbalance
(D) Micro nutrition
Answer: D
60.    The ratio for giving external chest compression and breathing in CPR :
(A) 30 : 2
(B) 15 : 2
(C) 30 : 4
(D) 15 : 4
Answer: A

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