Monday, 25 July 2016

Assistant Engineer (Civil) (139/2012) Solved Paper - Part 9

81.       In a cantilever retaining wall of height ‘h’ the horizontal pressure of earth will act at a distance of
(A) h/2 from top            (B) h/4 from base
(C) h/3 from top            (D) h/3 from base
Answer: D
82.       The minimum size of reinforcement bars in RCC column is
(A) 6mm             (B) 8 mm
(C) 10mm          (D) 12mm
Answer: D
83.       In a cantilever beam tensile reinforcement is provided
(A) on the top of the beam     (B) on the bottom of the beam
(C) in the middle of the beam            (D) on the top and bottom of the beam
Answer: A
84.       In a doubly reinforced rectangular beam, the allowable stress in compression steel is
(A) equal to the permissible stress in tension in steel
(B) more than the permissible stress in tension in steel
(C) less than the permissible stress in tension in steel
(D) not related to the permissible concrete compression stress
Answer: C
85.       The section in which concrete is not fully stressed to its permissible value when stress in steel reaches its maximum value, is called
(A) under reinforced section (B) over reinforced section
(C) doubly reinforced beam   (D) cantilever beam
Answer: A
86.       A hydrograph is a plot of
(A) Precipitation against time                        (B) Stream flow against time
(C) surface run off against time        (D) Recorded run off against time
Answer: B
87.       The instrument used for measuring wind speed is
(A) Anemometer          (B) Rotameter
(C) Odometer                (D) Atmometer
Answer: A
88.       The method of moment distribution in structural analysis can be treated as
(A) Force method                     (B) Displacement method
(C) Flexibility method              (D) An exact method
Answer: B
89.       Which one of the following tests is performed in the laboratory to determine the extent weathering of aggregates for road work
(A) soundness test      (B) crushing test
(C) Impact test              (D) Abrasion test
Answer: A
90.    Which one of the following method is used in the design of rigid pavements
(A) CBR method                      (B) Group Index method
(C) westergaards method       (D) Mcleod s method
Answer: C

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Assistant Engineer (Civil) (139/2012) Solved Paper - Part 8

71.       If the fore bearing of a line AB is observed to be 12°24’ ,the back bearing of line AB should be
(A) 77°36’          (B) 97°36’
(C) 167°36’       (D) 192°24’
Answer: D
72.       At magnetic poles, the dip of magnetic needle is
(A) 0 degree      (B) 45 degree
(C) 90 degree   (D) 120 degree
Answer: C
73.       In levelling the error due to refraction is
(A) additive                   (B) subtractive
(C) compensating        (D) progressive
Answer: C
74.       Closed contours with higher values inside represents
(A) depression             (B) Hill
(C) Plane surface        (D) pond
Answer: B
75.       When the bubble of the level tube of a level is central
(A) line of sight is horizontal
(B) line of collimation is horizontal
(C) axis of the telescope is horizontal
(D) Geometrical axis of the telescope is horizontal
Answer: A
76.       The process of turning the telescope about the vertical axis in a horizontal plane is known as
(A) Reversing               (B) transiting
(C) plunging                 (D) swinging
Answer: D
77.       The hinged end of a propped cantilever of span L settles by an amount δ, then the rotation of the hinged end will be
(A) δ/L                (B) 2δ/L
(C) 3δ/2L           (D) 4 δ/3L
Answer: C
78.       Two beams carrying identical loads, simply supported, are having same depth but beam A has double the width as compared that of beam B. The ratio of the strength of beam A to that of beam B is
(A) 1/2    (B) 1/4
(C) 2       (D) 4
Answer: C
79.       Defection can be controlled by using the appropriate
(A) aspect ratio             (B) modular ratio
(C) span/depth ratio    (D) water cement ratio
Answer: C
80.    In a load-balanced prestressed concrete beam under self load ,the cross-section is subjected to
(A) axial stress                         (B) bending stress
(C) axial and bending stress (D) axial and shear stress
Answer: D

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Assistant Engineer (Civil) (139/2012) Solved Paper - Part 7

61.       Out of the following mild steel section ,the most economical section is
(A) I section                              (B) circular section
(C) rectangular section           (D) channel section
Answer: A
62.       The shear stress on the principal plane is
(A) maximum                (B) minimum
(C) zero                         (D) intermediate
Answer: C
63.       If the number of members provided is more than the requirement,then the frame will be classified as
(A) perfect frame                                  (B) redundant frame
(C) deficient frame Portal frame        (D) Portal frame
Answer: B
64.       The most suitable reason to adopt hollow circular section in place of solid circular shaft Is
(A) weight per unit length is less
(B) more strength for same weight per unit length
(C) easy to manufacture
(D) easy to transport
Answer: B
65.       The back sight reading on a BM(200m) was 2.650m.If the inverted staff reading to the bottom of a cantilever porch slab is 0.350m,the RL of the bottom of the slab is
(A) 202.300       (B) 203.000
(C) 2.3000         (D) 3.000
Answer: B
66.       A survey in which horizontal and vertical locations are fixed by linear and angular measurements is known as
(A) geodetic survey                 (B) cadastral survey
(C) city survey                          (D) Topographical survey
Answer: D
67.       The survey in which the curvature of earth is ignored is called
(A) Plane survey                      (B) geodetic survey
(C) geological survey              (D) aerial survey
Answer: A
68.       As per Indian Standard ,the length of one link in 30m chain should be
(A) 0.20m          (B) 0.30m
(C) 0.40m          (D) 0.15m
Answer: A
69.       The error in measured length due to sag of chain or tape is known as
(A) positive error                      (B) negative error
(C) compensating error          (D) instrumental error
Answer: A
70.    The base line is measured with
(A) metallic tape           (B) steel tape
(C) Invar tape               (D) Chain
Answer: D

Friday, 22 July 2016

Assistant Engineer (Civil) (139/2012) Solved Paper - Part 6

51.       Bearing capacity should be calculated from the criteria of
(A) shear only                                      (B) settlement only
(C) both settlement and shear          (D) cohesion only
Answer: C
52.       Floating foundation is a type of
(A) well foundation     (B) pile foundation
(C) pier foundation      (D) Raft foundation
Answer: D
53.       A shallow foundation is a foundation that
(A) has low bearing capacity
(B) has a depth of embedment less than its width
(C) is resting on the ground surface
(D) causes less settlement
Answer: B
54.       Diameter of a circular footing is 3m and side of a square footing is 3m.Both the footings are in the same soil(c-Ø) at same depth. The ultimate bearing capacity of circular footing is
(A) less than square footing  (B) more than square footing
(C) same as square footing   (D) not comparable
Answer: A
55.       The energy stored in a material within elastic limit when it is under strain is called
(A) impact          (B) shock resistance
(C) resilience    (D) elasticity
Answer: C
56.       The property of a material enabling it to resist deformation under stress is called
(A) toughness              (B) stiffness
(C) strength                  (D) brittleness
Answer: B
57.       The rate of change of bending moment is equal to
(A) shear force             (B) deflection
(C) slope                       (D) axial thrust
Answer: A
58.       The point in a beam where the shear force changes sign is called the point of
(A) maximum BM         (B) zero shear
(C) zero curvature       (D) maximum curvature
Answer: A
59.       For a simply supported beam ,carrying a uniformly distributed load ,the shape of the bending moment diagram will be,
(A) triangular    (B) parabolic
(C) circular        (D) cubical
Answer: B
60.    A cantilever beam of length L,cross-section A is subjected to a total uniformly distributed Load of W and a concentrated load W1 at a distance L1 from free end will have maximum moment of
(A) (WL/2)+ W1 L1                   (B) (WL2/2)+ W1 L1
(C) [W(L-L1)/2]+ W1 L1           (D) (WL/2)+ W1 (L-L1 )
Answer: D

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Assistant Engineer (Civil) (139/2012) Solved Paper - Part 5

41.       The direction of flow of liquid in a propeller pump impeller is in
(A) outward radial direction
(B) axial direction
(C) inward radial direction
(D) the direction tangential to the impeller
Answer: B
42.       The ratio of volume of voids to the total volume of the given soil mass, is known as
(A) porosity                   (B) void ratio
(C) specific gravity       (D) water content
Answer: A
43.       Dry density of soil is
(A) always greater than the saturated density
(B) ratio of the weight of soil solids to the volume of solids
(C) ratio of the weight of soil solids to the total volume
(D) determined by stregth test
Answer: C
44.       The effective size of a soil is
(A) D10              (B) D30
(C) D20              (D) D40
Answer: A
45.       A soil having uniformity coefficient more than 10 is called
(A) uniform                   (B) fine
(C) coarse                     (D) well graded soil
Answer: D
46.       The property of a soil which permits flow of water through its interconnected voids is called
(A) seepability              (B) porosity
(C) permeability           (D) void ratio
Answer: C
47.       The functional equation for specific gravity G ,water content w,void ratio e and degree of saturation Sr is
(A) w= Sr G/e                (B) e= Sr w/G
(C) Sr= wG/e                 (D) G=Sr w/e
Answer: C
48.       The law states that in laminar flow in a saturated soil, the velocity is directly proportional to the hydraulic gradient is called
(A) Reynold’s law        (B) Bligh’s law
(C) Darcy’s law                        (D) Lacy’s law
Answer: C
49.       The gradual reduction in volume of a soil mass resulting from an increase in and continued application of compressive stress and is due to expulsion of water from the pores is called
(A) Compaction            (B) consolidation
(C) settlement               (D) depression
Answer: B
50.    The minimum size of plate in plate load test is
(A) 100 mm                   (B) 450mm
(C) 200 mm                   (D) 300 mm
Answer: D

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Assistant Engineer (Civil) (139/2012) Solved Paper - Part 4

31.       Which of the following is not an excavating equipment
(A) Power shovel         (B) Scrapper
(C) Drag line                 (D) Hoe
Answer: B
32.       An Ideal flow of any fluid must fulfil the
(A) Neweton’s Law of Viscosity        (B) Neweton’s Law of Motion
(C) Boundary layer Theory                (D) Continuity Equation
Answer: D
33.       A cubical tank is filled with water. If side of tank is 1m ,pressure on the base of the tank will be
(A) 10 000 kg    (B) 5 000 kg
(C) 1000 kg       (D) 4 000 kg
Answer: C
34.       The buoyancy depends upon the
(A) The pressure with which the liquid is displaced
(B) weight of the liquid displaced
(C) viscosity of the liquid
(D) compressibility of the liquid
Answer: B
35.       Block of wood 2m long, 2m wide and 1m deep is floating horizontally in water. If density of wood is 800 kg/m3, then the volume of water displaced will be
(A) 3.2 cum       (B) 2.6 cum
(C) 2 cum          (D) 6 cum
Answer: A
36.       The flow in a pipe or channel is said to be uniform when
(A) The liquid particles at all sections have the same velocities
(B) The liquid particles at different sections have different velocities
(C) the quantity of liquid flowing per second is constant
(D) each liquid particles has a definite path
Answer: A
37.       Flow in a pipe is laminar if the Reynold’s number is
(A) equal to 10 000                  (B) Between 4000 and 6000
(C) between 2000 and 4000  (D) less than 2000
Answer: D
38.       Two pipe systems in series are said to be equivalent when
(A) the average diameter in both systems is same
(B) the average friction factor in both the system is same
(C) the total length of the pipes is the same in both the systems
(D) the discharge under the same head is same in both the systems
Answer: D
39.       In open channel water flows under
(A) force of gravity                   (B) atmospheric pressure
(C) hydrostatic pressure         (D) mechanical pressure
Answer: A
40.    Weir may be used to measure
(A) velocity of flow                               (B) pressure
(C) discharge in a river or channel  (D) kinetic energy
Answer: C