Sunday, 25 June 2017

Junior Instructor Mechanic Motor Vehicle Solved Paper 40/2017/OL - Part 1

Question Paper Code: 40/2017/OL
Category Code: 240/2016
Exam: Junior Instructor mechanic Motor Vehicle
Date of Test: 19-05-2017
Alpha code: A

1.       The first mass movement started by Gandhiji in India
(A) Quit India
(B) Non-co-operation
(C) Satyagraha
(D) Civil Disobedience
Answer: B
2.       The Tebhaya movement started in
(A) Bengal
(B) Andrapradesh
(C) Bombay
(D) Gujarat
Answer: A
3.       The leader of Abbinav Bharat Society
(A) Lala Hardayal
(B) Surya Sen
(C) Pulin Bihari Das
(D) V.D. Savarkar
Answer: D
4.       The first person to hoist Indian tricolour flag in an international flat forum
(A) Subash Chandra Bose
(B) Jawaharlal Nehru
(C) Madame Bhikaji Cama
(D) C.R. Das
Answer: C
5.       The leader of 1857 revolt at Kanpur
(A) Nana Saheb
(B) Bahadur Shah II
(C) Beegum Hazret Mahal
(D) Maulavi Ahammedullah
Answer: A
6.       The roof of the world
(A) Himalaya
(B) Hindukush
(C) Karakoram
(D) Pamir Plateau
Answer: D
7.       The longest Peninsular river
(A) Mahanadi
(B) Godavari
(C) Narmada
(D) Kaveri
Answer: B
8.       The Southernmost point of Peninsular India
(A) Kanyakumari
(B) Tamilnadu
(C) Indirapoint
(D) Srilanka
Answer: C
9.       The most important tax imposed by the central government
(A) Land tax
(B) Personal Income tax
(C) Professional tax
(D) Value Added tax
Answer: B
10.    The proclamation of Free Primary Education in 1817 issued
(A) Rani Lakshmi Bhai
(B) Rani Sethu Bhai
(C) Rani Gowri Parvathy Bhai
(D) Rani Gowri Lakshmi Bhai
Answer: C
11.    The father of Kerala Renaissance
(A) Mannathu Padmanabhan
(B) Ayyankali
(C) Sri Narayana Guru
(D) Chattambi Swamikal
Answer: C
12.    Samathwasamajam was started by
(A) Sahodharan Ayyappan
(B) Kumara Gurudevan
(C) Vaikunda Swamikal
(D) V.T. Bhattathiripad
Answer: C
13.    The Temple Entry Proclamation was announced on
(A) 12 November 1936
(B) 1 November 1936
(C) 12 January 1936
(D) 1 January 1936
Answer: A
14.    Ayyankali was called Pulaya Raja by
(A) B.R. Ambedkar
(B) Gandhiji
(C) K. Kelappan
(D) Pandit K.P. Karuppan
Answer: B
15.    Founder of Aryasanujan in Kerala
(A) Kumara Gurudevan
(B) Vagbhatananda
(C) Vakkam Abdulkhadar Maulavi
(D) Pandit K.P. Karuppan
Answer: D
16.    The winner of Australian Open Tennis 2016
(A) Roger Federer
(B) Rafael Nadal
(C) Stan Wawrinka
(D) Andymurray
Answer: Question Cancelled
17.    R.B.I. Governor of India
(A) Raguram Rajan
(B) Pranav Mukherji
(C) Venkita Ramanan
(D) Urjit Patel
Answer: D
18.    The Jnanpith Award of 2016
(A) Shankha ghosh
(B) Reghuver Chaudhari
(C) Balachandra Nemade
(D) Namwarsingh
Answer: A
19.    First women leader of S.B.I
(A) Arunima Singha
(B) Arundhadhi Bhattachariya
(C) Aruna Bhahuguna
(D) Usha Anantha Subramaniyam
Answer: B
20.    The Chief Minister of Andrapradesh
(A) Chandra Sekhar Reddy
(B) Sidha Ramayya
(C) Aravid Kejariwal
(D) Chandra Babu Naidu
Answer: D

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Pharmacist Grade 2 Ayurveda 7/2017/OL - Part 5

81.       Heimlich maneuver is mainly used for?
(A) Fainting
(B) Heat injuries
(C) Choking
(D) Fractures
Answer: C
82.       Rasas which causes vatakopana?
(A) Madhura,Amla,Lavana
(B) Katu,Tikta,Kashaya
(C) Katu,Amla,Lavana
(D) kashaya
Answer: B
83.       Ocusert type of drug delivery is by?
(A) Placing directly under tongue
(B) Placing directly under eye lid
(C) Placing directly inside uterus
(D) Directly in nasal mucosa
Answer: B
84.       As per National Immunization Schedule for infants DPT is given in?
(A) 6,10,14 weeks intra muscular
(B) 6,10,14 weeks subcutaneous
(C) At birth orally
(D) None
Answer: A
85.       Rakta BharaSamaka among the following?
(A) Coffee
(B) Sarpagandha
(C) Hrtpatri
(D) Kupilu
Answer: B
86.       Part used of Woodfordia fruticosa?
(A) Flower
(B) Root
(C) Leaf
(D) Fruit
Answer: A
87.       List of poisonous substance of A.S.U medicines placed in?
(A) Schedule M(I)
(B) Schedule N
(C) Schedule E (I)
(D) Schedule M (II)
Answer: C
88.       Sodhana of Gairika?
(A) Washing in hot water
(B) washing in cold water
(C) Washing in Boiling water
(D) Bhavana with Ksheera
Answer: D
89.       According to Sargadhara one karsha is the dose for?
(A) Arishta
(B) Churna
(C) Kwatha
(D) Avaleha
Answer: B
90.    G.M.P means?
(A) Gross Manufacturing Process
(B) Gross Manufacturing Period
(C) Good Manufacturing Practices
(D) Great Manufacturing Process
Answer: C
91.    How much part Lavanga present in Avipattikara churna?
(A) 1 part
(B) 44 parts
(C) 11 parts
(D) 66 parts
Answer: C
92.    According to Charaka plant Parts can be collected in Sarad rtu except
(A) Latex
(B) Root
(C) Bark
(D) Rhizome
Answer: B
93.    Best Anupana?
(A) Taila
(B) Vasa
(C) Mahendrajala
(D) Ushnodaka
Answer: C
94.    Symbol for Family planning Health and Contraception Services in India?
(A) Inverted Red Triangle
(B) Red Triangle
(C) Blue Triangle
(D) Inverted Blue triangle
Answer: A
95.    Purification procedure of vatsanabhi?
(A) Kept in cows urine for 3days
(B) Equal part tankana is tied in cloth ,Swedana done in cows milk for 6hrs and washed in hot water
(C) Swedana in Goats milk for 6 hrs
(D) All the above
Answer: Question Cancelled
96.    Official code containing a selected list of established drugs and medicinal preparations with descriptions of their physical properties and tests for identity,purity, and potency?
(A) medicinea India
(B) Indian pharm directory
(C) Indian Pharmacopoeia
(D) I P D
Answer: C
97.    The ratio of Drug, Milk and water to prepare Ksheerapaka?
(A) 1:8:64
(B) 1:8:32
(C) 1:4:16
(D) 1:8:16
Answer: B
98.    Dose of swarasa kalpana?
(A) 1 pala
(B) 1/2 pala
(C) 4 pala
(D) 3 pala
Answer: B
99.    Phala vartis are used for?
(A) jwara
(B) kasa
(C) swasa
(D) Purisanissaranartha
Answer: D
100.    Shelf life of choorna is?
(A) 4 months
(B) 6months
(C) 1months
(D) 2months
Answer: D

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Pharmacist Grade 2 Ayurveda 7/2017/OL - Part 4

61.       The part which deals with A.S.U Drugs in Drugs and Cosmetic Act?
(A) chapter III
(B) Chapter V
(C) Chapter IV A
(D) chapter III A
Answer: C
62.       Part used of Commiphora mukul?
(A) Gum
(B) Root
(C) Leaf
(D) Heartwood
Answer: A
63.       Ksharasutra is used for treating?
(A) Arsa
(B) Bagandharam
(C) Paittikavikaras
(D) Both A and B
Answer: D
64.       Kasturi is obtained from?
(A) Cervus elephus
(B) Moschus moschiferus
(C) Vivera civetta
(D) Turbinella rapa
Answer: B
65.       Vilva phala preferably selected should be?
(A) Ripe
(B) Unripe and Sushka
(C) Over ripe
(D) None
Answer: B
66.       The Central Council For Research in Ayurvedic Science (CCRAS) established in?
(A) 1978
(B) 1970
(C) 1990
(D) 2001
Answer: A
67.       Normal percentage of Lymphocytes in Hematological examination?
(A) 60-70%
(B) 1-6%
(C) 20-40%
(D) 2-8%
Answer: C
68.       Situation in which death of large population spread over small locality, apart of world, a country as whole is included in Ayurveda under?
(A) Roga
(B) Janapadodhvamsa
(C) vyadhi
(D) Nanatmajavikaras
Answer: B
69.       Saviryata avadhi of gutika?
(A) 2 months
(B) 16 months
(C) 12 months
(D) 14 months
Answer: C
70.    Botanical name of Vatsanabhi?
(A) Strychnosnuxvomica
(B) Croton tiglium
(C) Papaversomniferum
(D) Aconitumferox
Answer: D
71.    One karsha equals?
(A) 125mg
(B) 120mg
(C) 12g
(D) 24g
Answer: C
72.    Antidote of jayapala?
(A) Tobacco
(B) Tankana
(C) Nagavalliswarasa
(D) Ushnajala and gritha
Answer: D
73.    which among following is not having 2 pala dose?
(A) Putapakaswarasa
(B) Phanta
(C) Hima
(D) Kwatha
Answer: A
74.    Family of Sankupushpi?
(A) Flacourtiaceae
(B) Guttifera
(C) Convolvulaceae
(D) Tiliaceae
Answer: C
75.    Drug of choice in Asrugdhara?
(A) Manibhadraguda
(B) Haridra khandam
(C) Sarjarasamalahara
(D) Asokarishtam
Answer: D
76.    Part used of Langali?
(A) Flower
(B) Fruit
(C) Stem
(D) Rhizome
Answer: D
77.    Number of bones in upper limbs?
(A) 68
(B) 62
(C) 64
(D) 66
Answer: C
78.    Which preparation can be manufactured by pounding and mixing the ingredients?
(A) Vasaavaleha
(B) Chyavanaprasha
(C) Vilvadileha
(D) Manibhadraguda
Answer: D
79.    Anupana for diseases of kapha and of the eye?
(A) Meat soup
(B) sugar water
(C) water boiled with triphala and mixed with honey
(D) mastu
Answer: C
80.    Major ingredient of vaisvanara choornam?
(A) Terminalia chebula
(B) Terminalia bellerica
(C) Terminalia arjuna
(D) Emblicaofficinalis
Answer: A