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KPSC Lecturer in English Solved Paper (578/2012) 27-10-2015 - Part 10

91.       One of the following is considered a seminal text in Post Colonial Studies :
(A) The Laugh of the Medusa           (B) The Anxiety of Influence
(C) The Wretched of the Earth          (D) The Step Mother Tongue
Answer: C
92.       In relation to imperialism, colonialism specifically concerns …………….
(A) trade                        (B) conquest
(C) exploitation            (D) settlement
Answer: D
93.       Raymond Williams is associated with :
(A) Prague School                  (B) Birmingham Centre
(C) Frankfurt School               (D) London School
Answer: B
94.       Dick Hebdige terms the new forms of cultures produced by marginalized groups …………….
(A) Popular cultures                (B) Sub cultures
(C) Minor cultures                   (D) Low cultures
Answer: B
95.       According to Baudrillard, 'hyperreal' is :
(A) Reality that is not true      (B) Copies of the real without origin
(C) Signs that are abstract     (D) The virtual world
Answer:-Question Cancelled

96.       Stephen Greenblatt is a ………………..
(A) New Historicist       (B) Post Feminist
(C) Queer Theorist      (D) Cultural Materialist
Answer: A
97.       Epistemology of the Closet, a significant contribution to queer theory is authored by ………………
(A) Kate Millett              (B) Julia Kristeva
(C) Juliet Mitchell        (D) Eve K Sedgwick
Answer: D
98.       Cyber feminists consider cyber culture as …………………
(A) revolutionary                      (B) reactionary
(C) antifeminist                                    (D) imperial
Answer: A
99.       The Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere is written by :
(A) Hegel           (B) Lyotard
(C) Habermas   (D) Jameson
Answer: C
100.    Glotfelty defines ecocriticism as "the study of the relationship between literature and …………….. ".
(A) nature                      (B) flora and fauna
(C) ecology                   (D) physical environment
Answer: D

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KPSC Lecturer in English Solved Paper (578/2012) 27-10-2015 - Part 9

81.       Gitanjali was originally written in
(A) English                   (B) Sanskrit
(C) Bengali                   (D) Hindi
Answer: C
82.       Sri Aurobindo's full name is …………….
(A) Aurobindo Ghose             (B) Aurobindo Dhun
(C) Aurobindo Krishna                       (D) Aravind Ghosh
Answer: A
83.       In "Poet, Lover, Bird Watcher", the best poets wait for ……………..
(A) Experience             (B) Images
(C) Love                                    (D) Words
Answer: D
84.       In "Road not Taken", two roads diverged in a ……………….
(A) green forest                        (B) yellow wood
(C) a green meadow               (D) a dark wood
Answer: B
85.       Which ocean is mentioned in "Daddy" ?
(A) Indian          (B) Pacific
(C) Atlantic        (D) Arctic
Answer: C

86.       Who wrote "Philosophy of Hinduism" ?
(A) Dr. S. Radhakrishnan      (B) Dr. B.R. Ambedkar
(C) M.K. Gandhi                       (D) Sri Aurobindo
Answer: B
87.       Emerson, in "Self Reliance" calls upon the individual to rely on :
(A) intuition                   (B) conscience
(C) reason                     (D) popular opinion
Answer: A
88.       The rebels believed that Emperor Jones could be killed only by a :
(A) Silver bullet                        (B) Copper bullet
(C) Poisoned arrow     (D) White man
Answer: A
89.       In Midnight's Children, Saleem Sinai was held as a political prisoner during ………………
(A) Independence struggle                (B) Partition of India
(C) 15 August, 1947                            (D) Emergency
Answer: D
90.    Manjula Padmanabhan's The Harvest is a play that can be termed as :
(A) Expressionistic                  (B) Dadaist
(C) Futuristic                            (D) Surrealistic
Answer: C

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KPSC Lecturer in English Solved Paper (578/2012) 27-10-2015 - Part 8

71.       In philology, Grimm's law gives systematic statements on :
(A) Sound change      (B) Vowels
(C) Consonants           (D) Allophones
Answer: A
72.       Old English is also known as :
(A) Celtic           (B) Teutonic
(C) Gaelic          (D) Anglo-Saxon
Answer: D
73.       In which dialect was Beowulf written ?
(A) Wessex       (B) Sussex
(C) Manx           (D) Angles
Answer:-Question Cancelled
74.       The Norman Conquest of England took place in ……………… Century.
(A) 9th                 (B) 10th
(C) 11th              (D) 12th
Answer: C
75.       Through the Great Vowel Shift, all Middle English …………….. changed their pronunciation.
(A) long vowels                        (B) short vowels
(C) semi vowels           (D) diphthongs
Answer: A

76.       How many second person personal pronouns were in Early Modern English ?
(A) one              (B) two
(C) three            (D) five
Answer: B
77.       How many varieties of English are in use globally ?
(A) Two              (B) Three
(C) Four             (D) Many
Answer: D
78.       Bloomfield is connected with ……………..
(A) Semantics                          (B) Traditional Grammar
(C) American Structuralism   (D) Prague School
Answer: C
79.       TG Grammar is associated with :
(A) Sapir                        (B) Chomsky
(C) Saussure                (D) Firth
Answer: B
80.    Creole is ……………..
(A) a combination of many languages
(B) a language developed from Pidgin
(C) a variety of English
(D) a combination of two languages
Answer: B

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KPSC Lecturer in English Solved Paper (578/2012) 27-10-2015 - Part 7

61.       "Theory of Rasa" is taken from …………….
(A) Atharvaveda           (B) Natyasastra
(C) Upanishad             (D) Dhammapada
Answer: B
62.       Aristotle's Poetics is specifically concerned with …………….
(A) tragedy                    (B) comedy
(C) drama                      (D) epic
Answer: C
63.       "On the Sublime" was written by :
(A) Plato                        (B) Aristotle
(C) Longinus    (D) Horace
Answer: C
64.       According to Dr. Johnson, "Shakespeare is above all writers, at least above all modern writers, the poet of …………….."
(A) mankind      (B) divinity
(C) love              (D) nature
Answer: D
65.       "Willing suspension of disbelief" figures in ……………
(A) Preface to the Fables                   (B) Study of Poetry
(C) Preface to the Lyrical Ballads     (D) Biographia Literaria
Answer: D

66.       Who authored Anatomy of Criticism ?
(A) Northrop Frye         (B) Matthew Arnold
(C) T.S. Eliot                 (D) Cleanth Brooks
Answer: A
67.       According to Viktor Shklovsky, the technique of art is to make objects :
(A) familiar                    (B) unfamiliar
(C) habitual                  (D) aesthetic
Answer: B
68.       In classical thought the centre is within the structure and outside it because, according to Derrida, the centre escapes ……………..
(A) episteme                 (B) play
(C) rupture                    (D) structurality
Answer: D
69.       In "What is an author ?", Foucault considers …………….. as characteristic of the mode of existence, circulation and functioning of certain discourses within a society and he analyses it elaborately.
(A) author                      (B) authorship
(C) author-function     (D) ownership
Answer: C
70.    Who can write Dalit literature, according to Sharankumar Limbale ?
(A) a Dalit          (B) any writer
(C) a varna        (D) an avarna
Answer: A

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KPSC Lecturer in English Solved Paper (578/2012) 27-10-2015 - Part 6

51.       What was the first title of W.B. Yeats's "The Second Coming" ?
(A) The Second Birth              (B) The Apocalypse Gyre
(C) The Rebirth                                    (D) The Widening
Answer: A
52.       The title of the third section of Eliot's The Waste Land is ……………..
(A) A Game of Chess              (B) Death by Water
(C) The Burial of the Dead    (D) The Fire Sermon
Answer: D
53.       The meaning of the word "simples" in "Church Going" :
(A) Herbs                       (B) Irish coins
(C) Stones                    (D) Articles
Answer: A
54.       Which King opposed Thomas Becket ?
(A) Henry II       (B) Henry IV
(C) Henry VI     (D) Henry VIII
Answer: A
55.       In Pygmalion, Henry Higgins was professor of ………………
(A) Linguistics              (B) Literature
(C) Grammar                 (D) Phonetics
Answer: D

56.       Which is the subtitle of the English version of Waiting for Godot ?
(A) a comedy in two acts        (B) a tragedy in two acts
(C) a comedy                            (D) a tragicomedy in two acts
Answer: D
57.       Stanley Webber was a former ……………. in The Birthday Party.
(A) Drum Player           (B) Piano Player
(C) Organ Player         (D) Opera Singer
Answer: B
58.       What is the name of Stephen Dedalus's father ?
(A) Simon          (B) Charles
(C) Cranly         (D) Henry
Answer: A
59.       When did Paul Morel become his mother's favourite ?
(A) after his birth                      (B) after his affair with Clara
(C) after the birth of Arthur     (D) after the death of William
Answer: D
60.    The young painter who begins a portrait of Mrs. Ramsay :
(A) Minta           (B) Mrs. McNab
(C) Lily               (D) Cam
Answer: C

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