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KPSC Lecturer in English Solved Paper (578/2012) 27-10-2015 - Part 1

1.       First Governor of Kerala State :
(A) C. Raja Gopalachari         (B) Dr. A.R. Menon
(C) B. Ramakrishna Rao        (D) Venkata Rao
Answer: C
2.       The Indian Constitution has borrowed the idea of preamble from :
(A) Constitution of Canada   (B) British Constitution
(C) French Constitution         (D) Constitution of USA
Answer: D
3.       The 1st Bank in India :
(A) Bank of Hindustan                       (B) State Bank of India
(C) Allahabad Bank                (D) Nedungadi Bank
Answer: A
4.       The person who won 'Dadasaheb Phalke' award of 2014 :
(A) Adoor Gopalakrishnan     (B) Shashi Kapoor
(C) Sayyid Misra                      (D) Gireesh Karnad
Answer: B
5.       Telangana State is came into being existed on :
(A) January 2014         (B) May 2014
(C) March 2014            (D) June 2014
Answer: D

6.       Who was the founder of 'Islamia Public House' ?
(A) Vakkom Abdul Khadir Maulavi   (B) Ali Musaliyar
(C) Muhammed Abdur Rahiman      (D) Nazeem Sayyid
Answer:-Question Cancelled
7.       The Nair Service Society was founded in the year :
(A) 1903                        (B) 1911
(C) 1914                        (D) 1918
Answer: C
8.       The Madrass Governor who issued orders permitting Channar women to wear Jacket and Pinafore ?
(A) Lord Wellesley       (B) Lord Haris
(C) Lord Macaulay       (D) Colonel Monroe
Answer:-Question Cancelled
9.       Who was the Editor of the Newspaper 'Desabhimani' ?
(A) T.K. Madhavan      (B) C. Krishnan
(C) A.K. Pillai                (D) K. Kelappan
Answer: A
10.    'Varthamana Pustakam' the first travelogue in Malayalam was written by :
(A) Herman Gundart                           (B) Jovannes Gonsalvez
(C) Paremekkal Thoma Kathanar     (D) Baily
Answer: C

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