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KPSC Lecturer in English Solved Paper (578/2012) 27-10-2015 - Part 6

51.       What was the first title of W.B. Yeats's "The Second Coming" ?
(A) The Second Birth              (B) The Apocalypse Gyre
(C) The Rebirth                                    (D) The Widening
Answer: A
52.       The title of the third section of Eliot's The Waste Land is ……………..
(A) A Game of Chess              (B) Death by Water
(C) The Burial of the Dead    (D) The Fire Sermon
Answer: D
53.       The meaning of the word "simples" in "Church Going" :
(A) Herbs                       (B) Irish coins
(C) Stones                    (D) Articles
Answer: A
54.       Which King opposed Thomas Becket ?
(A) Henry II       (B) Henry IV
(C) Henry VI     (D) Henry VIII
Answer: A
55.       In Pygmalion, Henry Higgins was professor of ………………
(A) Linguistics              (B) Literature
(C) Grammar                 (D) Phonetics
Answer: D

56.       Which is the subtitle of the English version of Waiting for Godot ?
(A) a comedy in two acts        (B) a tragedy in two acts
(C) a comedy                            (D) a tragicomedy in two acts
Answer: D
57.       Stanley Webber was a former ……………. in The Birthday Party.
(A) Drum Player           (B) Piano Player
(C) Organ Player         (D) Opera Singer
Answer: B
58.       What is the name of Stephen Dedalus's father ?
(A) Simon          (B) Charles
(C) Cranly         (D) Henry
Answer: A
59.       When did Paul Morel become his mother's favourite ?
(A) after his birth                      (B) after his affair with Clara
(C) after the birth of Arthur     (D) after the death of William
Answer: D
60.    The young painter who begins a portrait of Mrs. Ramsay :
(A) Minta           (B) Mrs. McNab
(C) Lily               (D) Cam
Answer: C

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