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KPSC Lecturer in English Solved Paper (578/2012) 27-10-2015 - Part 8

71.       In philology, Grimm's law gives systematic statements on :
(A) Sound change      (B) Vowels
(C) Consonants           (D) Allophones
Answer: A
72.       Old English is also known as :
(A) Celtic           (B) Teutonic
(C) Gaelic          (D) Anglo-Saxon
Answer: D
73.       In which dialect was Beowulf written ?
(A) Wessex       (B) Sussex
(C) Manx           (D) Angles
Answer:-Question Cancelled
74.       The Norman Conquest of England took place in ……………… Century.
(A) 9th                 (B) 10th
(C) 11th              (D) 12th
Answer: C
75.       Through the Great Vowel Shift, all Middle English …………….. changed their pronunciation.
(A) long vowels                        (B) short vowels
(C) semi vowels           (D) diphthongs
Answer: A

76.       How many second person personal pronouns were in Early Modern English ?
(A) one              (B) two
(C) three            (D) five
Answer: B
77.       How many varieties of English are in use globally ?
(A) Two              (B) Three
(C) Four             (D) Many
Answer: D
78.       Bloomfield is connected with ……………..
(A) Semantics                          (B) Traditional Grammar
(C) American Structuralism   (D) Prague School
Answer: C
79.       TG Grammar is associated with :
(A) Sapir                        (B) Chomsky
(C) Saussure                (D) Firth
Answer: B
80.    Creole is ……………..
(A) a combination of many languages
(B) a language developed from Pidgin
(C) a variety of English
(D) a combination of two languages
Answer: B

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