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KPSC Lecturer in English Solved Paper (578/2012) 27-10-2015 - Part 9

81.       Gitanjali was originally written in
(A) English                   (B) Sanskrit
(C) Bengali                   (D) Hindi
Answer: C
82.       Sri Aurobindo's full name is …………….
(A) Aurobindo Ghose             (B) Aurobindo Dhun
(C) Aurobindo Krishna                       (D) Aravind Ghosh
Answer: A
83.       In "Poet, Lover, Bird Watcher", the best poets wait for ……………..
(A) Experience             (B) Images
(C) Love                                    (D) Words
Answer: D
84.       In "Road not Taken", two roads diverged in a ……………….
(A) green forest                        (B) yellow wood
(C) a green meadow               (D) a dark wood
Answer: B
85.       Which ocean is mentioned in "Daddy" ?
(A) Indian          (B) Pacific
(C) Atlantic        (D) Arctic
Answer: C

86.       Who wrote "Philosophy of Hinduism" ?
(A) Dr. S. Radhakrishnan      (B) Dr. B.R. Ambedkar
(C) M.K. Gandhi                       (D) Sri Aurobindo
Answer: B
87.       Emerson, in "Self Reliance" calls upon the individual to rely on :
(A) intuition                   (B) conscience
(C) reason                     (D) popular opinion
Answer: A
88.       The rebels believed that Emperor Jones could be killed only by a :
(A) Silver bullet                        (B) Copper bullet
(C) Poisoned arrow     (D) White man
Answer: A
89.       In Midnight's Children, Saleem Sinai was held as a political prisoner during ………………
(A) Independence struggle                (B) Partition of India
(C) 15 August, 1947                            (D) Emergency
Answer: D
90.    Manjula Padmanabhan's The Harvest is a play that can be termed as :
(A) Expressionistic                  (B) Dadaist
(C) Futuristic                            (D) Surrealistic
Answer: C

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