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KPSC Lecturer in Computer Science Solved Paper (002/2012) 23-11-2015 - Part 1

1.       Who called Ayyan Kali the Pulaya king in 1936?
(A) A K Gopalan                      (B) Dr. Palpu
(C) Mahathma Gandhi                       (D) V T Bhattathirippadu
Answer: C
2.       The famous Sanskrit work Darsanamala was composed by ?
(A) Sree Narayana Guru        (B) Vaikunda Swamikal
(C) Chattampi Swamikal        (D) Sankaracharya
Answer: A
3.       Malabar Special Police (MSP) was organised by the British in ?
(A) 1921                        B) 1854
(C) 1860                        (D) 1880
Answer: Question Cancelled
4.       Which amoung the following stories of Vaikom Muhammed Basheer is reflected in the Malayalam movie Bhargavi Nilayam ?
(A) Anargha Nimisham          (B) Balyakalasakhi
(C) Janmadinam                      (D) Neela Velicham
Answer: D
5.       The Augustan Age of Kerala music is the reign of ?
(A) Sri Chitra Tirunal               (B) Utram Tirunal
(C) Swati Tirunal                     (D) Visakham Tirunal
Answer: C

6.       Which country suggested the name Hudhud for the severe cyclonic storm -2014
(A) Bahrain                   (B) Iran
(C) Saudi Arabia          (D) Oman
Answer: D
7.       The First Radio Station in Kerala ?
(A) Cochin        (B) Thiruvananthapuram
(C) Alappuzha (D) Thrissur
Answer: B
8.       2014- Nobel Prize winner in Economics ?
(A) Jean Tirole             (B) Eugene F .Fama
(C) Shuji Nakamura    (D) Patrick Modiano
Answer: A
9.       Ringworm is a common infection caused by ?
(A) A Worm       (B) Fungus
(C) Bacteria      (D) Virus
Answer: B
10.    The Election Commission of India is set up by which articile of Indian Constitution ?
(A) Article 310              (B) Article 316
(C) Article 324              (D) Article 256
Answer: C


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