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KPSC Lecturer in Computer Science Solved Paper (002/2012) 23-11-2015 - Part 2

11.       The approach which is grounded in the theoretical belief that there is an objective reality that can be known to the researcher if she/he uses the correct methods and applies those methods in a correct manner.
(A) Dialectics                (B) Positivism
(C) Interpretivism         (D) Pragmatism
Answer: B
12.       One of the prime aims of scientific method in research is to
(A) eliminate spurious relations        (B) improve data interpretation
(C) confirm triangulation                    (D) inroduce new variables
Answer: A
13.       Developing a hypothesis based on an existing theory and designing a research strategy to test the hypothesis is
(A) pragmatic approach          (B) inductive approach
(C) deductive approach          (D) emancipatory approach
Answer: C
14.       Knowingly representing the work of others as your own in the manuscript submitted to a journal or publication is
(A) citation        (B) documentation
(C) epigraph     (D) plagiarism
Answer: D
15.       The idea of 'micro-teaching' was first originated in
(A) Oxford University  (B) Stanford University
(C) Delhi University    (D) Christ University
Answer: B

16.       The type of learning which leads to deep learning is
(A) reflective learning             (B) memory level learning
(C) mnemonic technique       (D) conceptual understanding
Answer: A
17.       A teacher attempts to shape, control and evaluate the behaviour and attitude of students in accordance with a set standard of conduct. The approach of the teacher is
(A) permissive              (B) constructivist
(C) authoritarian          (D) accommodative
Answer: C
18.       After learning certain topics from a particular subject, the student put the ideas together to form a new content. The cognitive process involved is
(A) evaluation              (B) synthesis
(C) analysis                  (D) application
Answer: B
19.       Effective teaching happens when the teacher
(A) maintains discipline in the class
(B) possesses advanced scholarship in the subject
(C) has skill in teaching and managing the classroom
(D) makes the students actively engage in learning
Answer: D
20.    Which among the following is a non-parametric test
(A) 't'-test                       (B) analysis of variance
(C) chi-square test       (D) all of the above
Answer: C


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