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KPSC Lecturer in Computer Science Solved Paper (002/2012) 23-11-2015 - Part 4

31.       The binary equivalent of decimal number 20.625 is
(A) 10100.1011                        (B) 10100.1100
(C) 10100.1010            (D) 10101.1010
Answer: C
32.       A memory that contains 32K memory requires how many different addresses
(A) 32752          (B) 32768
(C) 32640          (D) 31744
Answer: B
33.       An SDRAM chip has 4096 rows, a refresh time of 128ms, the memory bus runs at 166MHz and the refresh cycle takes 4 clock cycles. The refresh overhead is:
(A) 0.00076       (B) 0.00770
(C) 0.00740       (D) 0.00748
Answer: A
34.       What is the address line for RST 4.5?
(A) 0028H         (B) 0018H
(C) 0020H         (D) 0024H
Answer: D
35.       Which of the following is a software interrupt?
(A) RST 6.5                   (B) RST 5
(C) INTR                        (D) RST 7.5
Answer: B

36.       The expression E+((A+B)*D)-C can be written in Reverse Polish Notation as
(A) AB+D*E+C             (B) AB+D*+E-C
(C) -+*+ABDEC            (D) EAB+D*+C
Answer: D
37.       The maximum number of I/O devices that can be connected to 8085 microprocessor is
(A) 255               (B) 512
(C) 65536          (D) 256
Answer: C
38.       How many pins does a DDR SDRAM DIMM have?
(A) 184               (B) 168
(C) 72                 (D) 172
Answer: A
39.       UART is
(A) 8255                        (B) 8250
(C) 8251                        (D) 8279
Answer: B
40.    DMA Controller gets complete access to main memory through which technique?
(A) Burst Mode             (B) Memory Stealing
(C) Cycle Stealing       (D) Memory Con
Answer: A


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