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KPSC Lecturer in Computer Science Solved Paper (002/2012) 23-11-2015 - Part 7

61.       In the Internet Protocol(IP) suit of protocols, which of the following best describes the purpose of the Address Resolution Protocol?
(A) To translate web addresses to host names
(B) To determine the IP address of a given host name
(C) To determine the hardware address of a given host name
(D) To determine the hardware address of a given IP address
Answer: D
62.       Given the basic ER and relational models, which of the following is incorrect?
(A) An attribute of an entity can have more than one value
(B) An attribute of an entity can be composite
(C) In a row of a relational table, an attribute can have more than one value
(D) In arow of a relational table, an attribute can have exactly one value or a NULL value
Answer: C
63.       If a relation scheme is in BCNF, then it is also in
(A) 1NF              (B) 2NF
(C) 3NF             (D) both (A) and (B)
Answer:-Question Cancelled
64.       Communication circuits that transmit data in both directions but not at the same time are operating in
(A) simplex mode                     (B) half duplex mode
(C) full duplex mode               (D) asynchronous mode
Answer: B
65.       For which one of the following reasons does Internet Protocol(IP) use the time-to-live(TTL) field in the IP datagram header?
(A) Ensure packets reach destination within that time
(B) Discard packets that reach later than that time
(C) Prevent packets from looping indefinitely
(D) Limit the time for which a packet gets queued in intermediate routers
Answer: C

66.       The transport layer protocols used for real time multimedia, file transfer, DNS and email, respectively are
(A) TCP, UDP, UDP and TCP           (B) UDP, TCP, TCP and UDP
(C) UDP, TCP, UDP and TCP           (D) TCP, UDP, TCP and UDP
Answer: C
67.       The normal form that is considered adequate for relational database design is
(A) 2NF              (B) 3NF
(C) 4NF             (D) BCNF
Answer: B
68.       Result of compilation of DDL statement is stored in a special file called as
(A) database file                      (B) symbol table
(C) database schema file       (D) data dictionary
Answer: D
69.       The number of entities to which another entity can be associated via a relationship set is called
(A) Messaging Cardinality     (B) Logical Cardinality
(C) Mapping Cardinality         (D) Data Cardinality
Answer: C
70.    The network topology that supports bidirectional links between each possible node is
(A) Ring             (B) Star
(C) Tree             (D) Mesh
Answer: D


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