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Vocational Teacher in Computer Science (98/2013) Solved Paper 26/07/2013 - Part 2

11.       In an L.P.P. a non-negative variable added to the constraint inequality to convert it into equality is known as ................ variable.
(A) slack                        (B) surplus
(C) artificial       (D) none of these
Answer: A
12.       An L.P.P which feasible solution is having unbounded optimal solution, then its dual is having ................. solution
(A) an optimal               (B) a feasible
(C) no feasible             (D) none of these
Answer: C
13.       To balance an unbounded transportation problem, where total requirement is less than total availability, it is to introduce ...............
(A) A dummy destination       (B) A dummy source
(C) A dummy cell                     (D) None of these
Answer: A
14.       The method used for solving an assignment problem is:
(A) Revised simplex                (B) Hungarian
(C) Vogel’s approximation     (D) none of these
Answer: B
15.       If the number of arrivals in a queue in time ‘t’ follows Poisson distribution, inter arrival time follows:
(A) Poisson distribution          (B) Normal distribution
(C) Exponential distribution (D) None
Answer: C

16.       In a Poisson queue with arrival rate λ and service rate μ, the probability that the queuelength exceeds n is:
(A) (λ/μ)n            (B) 1-(λ/μ)n
(C) (λ+μ)/λ         (D) none of these
Answer: A
17.       A game with game matrix [aij] is said to be fair, if:
(A) Maxi Minj aij>Minj Maxi aij
(B) Maxi Minj aij<Minj Maxi aij
(C) Maxi Minj aij=Minj Maxi aij
(D) none of these
Answer: C
18.       Obtain the mixed strategy for the game with payoff matrix
(A) (1/4,3/4)          (B) (3/4,1/4)
(C) (1/2,1/2)          (D) none of these
Answer: A
19.       In an inventory control model, time between placing an order and its arrival in stock is:
(A) Set up time             (B) Lead time
(C) Order time               (D) None of these
Answer: B
20.    Customer arrives in a single man service counter according to Poisson process. Average arrival rate is 20 per hour and average service rate is 36 per hour then the average waiting time of a customer in the queue is,
(A) 110 sec       (B) 125 sec
(C) 140 sec       (D) none of these
Answer: B


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