Sunday, 31 July 2016

HSST Computer Science Solved Paper (SR For ST) 144/2013 - Part 6

51.       The .................... sort relatively passes through a list to exchange the first element with any element less than it and then repeats with a new first element
(A) selection sort          (B) quick sort
(C) insertion sort          (D) heap sort
Answer: B
52.       Which among the following is the data structure that is used to check balanced parenthesis in an expression
(A) Stack           (B) Tree
(C) Queue         (D) Array
Answer: A
53.       p → q is logically equivalent to
(A) ~q → p         (B) ~pνq
(C) ~pΛq            (D) ~p → q
Answer: B
54.       Which of the following regular expression over {0,1} denotes the set of all strings not containing 100 as substring?
(A) 0*1*01*        (B) 0*1010*
(C) 0*(1*0)*       (D) 0*(10+1)*
Answer: D
55.       Which one of the following is NOT a size metric?
(A) Cyclomatic complexity      (B) Function count
(C) LOC                                     (D) Program Length
Answer: A

56.       How many times is the symbol '&' printed by the call sample(4)?
void sample(int i){
(A) 3       (B) 4
(C) 7       (D) 8
Answer: C
57.       The scheduling policy that is most suitable for a time-shared operating system is :
(A) SJF                          (B) Elevator
(C) Round Robin         (D) FCFS
Answer: C
58.       If a node in a BST has two children, then its inorder predecessor has
(A) no child                   (B) no left child
(C) no right child          (D) two children
Answer: C
59.       The maximum number of processes that may be simultaneously inside the critical section inorder to avoid race condition is
(A) one                          (B) zero
(C) more than two        (D) two
Answer: A
60.    The time required by a sector to reach below read/write head is called as ...................
(A) Seek time                (B) Access time
(C) Latency time          (D) None
Answer: C

Saturday, 30 July 2016

HSST Computer Science Solved Paper (SR For ST) 144/2013 - Part 5

41.       In the spiral model 'risk analysis' is performed
(A) in every loop                                  (B) in the first and second loop
(C) before using spiral model                        (D) in the first loop
Answer: Question Cancelled
42.       The technique of improving the priority of process waiting in queue for CPU allocation is called .......................
(A) Starvation               (B) Ageing
(C) Revocation             (D) Relocation
Answer: B
43.       PSW is saved in stack when there is a
(A) interrupt recognized                     (B) execution of CALL instruction
(C) execution of RST instruction      (D) all of these
Answer: A
44.       The default subnet mask for a Class C network is
(A)                 (B)
(C)            (D)
Answer: D
45.       Which one of the following is NOT an advantage of Distributed System?
(A) Reliability                (B) Incremental growth
(C) Resource sharing (D) None of the above
Answer: D

46.       Cache memory is based
(A) on the property of locality of reference
(B) on the fact that references generally tend to cluster
(C) on the heuristic 90-10 rule
(D) all of the above
Answer: A
47.       The language component of DBMS which can be embedded in a program is
(A) the database administrator (DBA)
(B) the data manipulation language (DML)
(C) the data definition language (DDL)
(D) a query language
Answer: B
48.       A computer system that permits multiple users to run programs at same time is ..................
(A) Real time system                           (B) Time sharing system
(C) Multiprogramming system           (D) Multi tasking system
Answer: D
49.       What is the ouput of the following code segment?
void test()
char c;
if (c!='\n'){
(A) It will print an empty line
(B) The string entered is printed as it is
(C) It will go into an infinite loop
(D) The string entered is printed in reverse order
Answer: D
50.    Which of the following statement is the negation of the statement, "10 is even and -5 is negative"
(A) 10 is even and -5 is not negative
(B) 10 is odd and -5 is not negative
(C) 10 is even or -5 is not negative
(D) 10 is odd or -5 is not negative
Answer: D

Friday, 29 July 2016

HSST Computer Science Solved Paper (SR For ST) 144/2013 - Part 4

31.       DNS is a
(A) Distributed hierarchical naming system
(B) Vertical naming system
(C) Horizontal naming system
(D) Client Server system
Answer: A
32.       E-commerce is not suitable for
(A) Online job searching
(B) Sale/Purchase of expensive jewellery and antiques
(C) Sale/Purchase of branded clothes
(D) Sale/Purchase of mobile phones
Answer: A
33.       Several factors exist that affect the efficiency of lookup operations in a hash table. Which among the following is NOT one of those factors ?
(A) Size of elements stored in the hash table.
(B) Number of elements stored in the hash table.
(C) Quality of the hash function.
(D) Number of buckets in the hash table.
Answer: A
34.       A DBMS query language is designed to
(A) specify the structure of a database
(B) support end users with English-like commands
(C) support the development of complex applications software
(D) all of the above
Answer: D
35.       Let r be a resource. There are 3 user processes each requiring 2 units of R. Then the minimum number of units of R such that no deadlocks will occur is
(A) 4       (B) 3
(C) 5       (D) 6
Answer: A

36.       Assume a cache memory with associative mapping. If the main memory is of 8K bytes and the cache memory is of 2K words, then each word of cache memory is
(A) 21 bits          (B) 11 bits
(C) 16 bits         (D) 20 bits
Answer: C
37.       Which of the following is true ?
(A) Stream cipher technique is an encryption technique
(B) Block cipher technique is an encryption technique
(C) Both (A) and (B)
(D) Neither of (A) and (B)
Answer: C
38.       Given a linked list with n elements. Then the time taken to insert an element after an element pointed to by some pointer is
(A) O(n log2 n)              (B) O(1)
(C) O(log2 n)                 (D) O(n)
Answer: B
39.       Let h be a hashing function and is used to hash n keys into a table of size m (given n<=m). Then the expected number of collisions involving a particular key x is
(A) less than 1              (B) less than m
(C) less than n             (D) less than n/2
Answer: A
40.    If L is a lattice, then for every a and b in L which among the following is correct?
(A) a ν (b Λ c) =a
(B) a ν (b ν c) = (a ν b) ν c
(C) a ν b = a Λ b
(D) a ν (b ν c) = b
Answer: B

HSST Computer Science Solved Paper (SR For ST) 144/2013 - Part 3

21.       The expansion of nested macro calls follows ............... rule
(A) LILO             (B) LIFO
(C) FIFO            (D) priority
Answer: B
22.       Von Neumann architecture is
(A) SISD            (B) SIMD
(C) MIMD           (D) MISD
Answer: A
23.       The device that is used to forward data packets from one network to another is called a .....................
(A) Bridge          (B) Hub
(C) Switch         (D) Gateway
Answer: C
24.       Which among the following is the most general phrase structured grammar ?
(A) Context – Sensitive          (B) Context - Free
(C) Regular                               (D) None of the above
Answer: A
25.       When the following instructions have been executed, what will be the contents of register AL ?
(A) 0A and carry flag is reset
(B) 0A and carry flag is set
(C) 6A and carry flag is reset
(D) 6A and carry flag is set
Answer: B

26.       The first modern computer was called ..................
(C) ENIAC         (D) INTEL
Answer: C
27.       In which of the language paradigms is the addition of two values expressed as (+ 10 20)?
(A) procedural  (B) functional
(C) logic             (D) object-oriented
Answer: Question Cancelled
28.       What is the purpose of this bit of code
void init()
(A) A place to declare variables
(B) A required method in an applet
(C) A class that initializes the applet
(D) Interacting with the user
Answer: B
29.       In Relational Algebra the query that finds customers who have a balance of over 800 is
(A) Πcustomer_name(σ balance >800(Deposit))
(B) σcustomer_name(Πbalance>800(Deposit))
(C) Πcustomer_name(σbalance>800(Borrow))
(D) σcustomer_name(Πbalance>500(Borrow))
Answer: A
30.    Secret-key encryption is also known as
(A) Secret-encryption              (B) Asymmetric encryption
(C) Symmetric encryption      (D) Private encryption
Answer: C