Saturday, 16 July 2016

Assistant Engineer (Civil) (139/2012) Solved Paper - Part 2

11.       The ratio of cement mortar preferred in load bearing walls in brick masonry is
(A) 1:2                (B) 1: 6
(C) 1:8                (D) 1:12
Answer: B
12.       A curtain wall carries
(A) wind load    (B) Self weight
(C) roof load     (D) no load
Answer: B
13.       In ordinary residential and public buildings ,the DPC is provided at
(A) Plinth level             (B) Ground level
(C) roof level                 (D) lintel level
Answer: A
14.       Laterite is a
(A) argillaceous rock   (B) silicious rock
(C) calcarious rock      (D) magma
Answer: A
15.       Marble is
(A) Igneous rock          (B) metamorphic rock
(C) stratified rock         (D) sedimentary rock
Answer: B

16.       In any case the bearing of lintel should not be less than
(A) 100 mm       (B) 150 mm
(C) 200 mm       (D) 300 mm
Answer: B
17.       The resultant of two equal forces(F) acting in opposite directions will be
(A) 2 F                (B) √2 F
(C) 0.707 F        (D) zero
Answer: D
18.       The set of forces ,whose resultant is zero, are known as
(A) equilibrium forces             (B) collinear forces
(C) coplanar forces                 (D) concurrent forces
Answer: A
19.       The centre of gravity of a plane lamina is not at its geometrical centre if it is a
(A) Circle                       (B) square
(C) rectangle                (D) right angled triangle
Answer: D
20.    A system of coplanar forces is in equilibrium when
(A) force polygon closes
(B) funicular polygon closes
(C) both force and funicular polygon closes
(D) all the forces are coplanar concurrent
Answer: C


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