Thursday, 21 July 2016

Assistant Engineer (Civil) (139/2012) Solved Paper - Part 5

41.       The direction of flow of liquid in a propeller pump impeller is in
(A) outward radial direction
(B) axial direction
(C) inward radial direction
(D) the direction tangential to the impeller
Answer: B
42.       The ratio of volume of voids to the total volume of the given soil mass, is known as
(A) porosity                   (B) void ratio
(C) specific gravity       (D) water content
Answer: A
43.       Dry density of soil is
(A) always greater than the saturated density
(B) ratio of the weight of soil solids to the volume of solids
(C) ratio of the weight of soil solids to the total volume
(D) determined by stregth test
Answer: C
44.       The effective size of a soil is
(A) D10              (B) D30
(C) D20              (D) D40
Answer: A
45.       A soil having uniformity coefficient more than 10 is called
(A) uniform                   (B) fine
(C) coarse                     (D) well graded soil
Answer: D

46.       The property of a soil which permits flow of water through its interconnected voids is called
(A) seepability              (B) porosity
(C) permeability           (D) void ratio
Answer: C
47.       The functional equation for specific gravity G ,water content w,void ratio e and degree of saturation Sr is
(A) w= Sr G/e                (B) e= Sr w/G
(C) Sr= wG/e                 (D) G=Sr w/e
Answer: C
48.       The law states that in laminar flow in a saturated soil, the velocity is directly proportional to the hydraulic gradient is called
(A) Reynold’s law        (B) Bligh’s law
(C) Darcy’s law                        (D) Lacy’s law
Answer: C
49.       The gradual reduction in volume of a soil mass resulting from an increase in and continued application of compressive stress and is due to expulsion of water from the pores is called
(A) Compaction            (B) consolidation
(C) settlement               (D) depression
Answer: B
50.    The minimum size of plate in plate load test is
(A) 100 mm                   (B) 450mm
(C) 200 mm                   (D) 300 mm
Answer: D


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