Saturday, 23 July 2016

Assistant Engineer (Civil) (139/2012) Solved Paper - Part 7

61.       Out of the following mild steel section ,the most economical section is
(A) I section                              (B) circular section
(C) rectangular section           (D) channel section
Answer: A
62.       The shear stress on the principal plane is
(A) maximum                (B) minimum
(C) zero                         (D) intermediate
Answer: C
63.       If the number of members provided is more than the requirement,then the frame will be classified as
(A) perfect frame                                  (B) redundant frame
(C) deficient frame Portal frame        (D) Portal frame
Answer: B
64.       The most suitable reason to adopt hollow circular section in place of solid circular shaft Is
(A) weight per unit length is less
(B) more strength for same weight per unit length
(C) easy to manufacture
(D) easy to transport
Answer: B
65.       The back sight reading on a BM(200m) was 2.650m.If the inverted staff reading to the bottom of a cantilever porch slab is 0.350m,the RL of the bottom of the slab is
(A) 202.300       (B) 203.000
(C) 2.3000         (D) 3.000
Answer: B

66.       A survey in which horizontal and vertical locations are fixed by linear and angular measurements is known as
(A) geodetic survey                 (B) cadastral survey
(C) city survey                          (D) Topographical survey
Answer: D
67.       The survey in which the curvature of earth is ignored is called
(A) Plane survey                      (B) geodetic survey
(C) geological survey              (D) aerial survey
Answer: A
68.       As per Indian Standard ,the length of one link in 30m chain should be
(A) 0.20m          (B) 0.30m
(C) 0.40m          (D) 0.15m
Answer: A
69.       The error in measured length due to sag of chain or tape is known as
(A) positive error                      (B) negative error
(C) compensating error          (D) instrumental error
Answer: A
70.    The base line is measured with
(A) metallic tape           (B) steel tape
(C) Invar tape               (D) Chain
Answer: D


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