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Assistant Engineer (Civil) (139/2012) Solved Paper - Part 8

71.       If the fore bearing of a line AB is observed to be 12°24’ ,the back bearing of line AB should be
(A) 77°36’          (B) 97°36’
(C) 167°36’       (D) 192°24’
Answer: D
72.       At magnetic poles, the dip of magnetic needle is
(A) 0 degree      (B) 45 degree
(C) 90 degree   (D) 120 degree
Answer: C
73.       In levelling the error due to refraction is
(A) additive                   (B) subtractive
(C) compensating        (D) progressive
Answer: C
74.       Closed contours with higher values inside represents
(A) depression             (B) Hill
(C) Plane surface        (D) pond
Answer: B
75.       When the bubble of the level tube of a level is central
(A) line of sight is horizontal
(B) line of collimation is horizontal
(C) axis of the telescope is horizontal
(D) Geometrical axis of the telescope is horizontal
Answer: A

76.       The process of turning the telescope about the vertical axis in a horizontal plane is known as
(A) Reversing               (B) transiting
(C) plunging                 (D) swinging
Answer: D
77.       The hinged end of a propped cantilever of span L settles by an amount δ, then the rotation of the hinged end will be
(A) δ/L                (B) 2δ/L
(C) 3δ/2L           (D) 4 δ/3L
Answer: C
78.       Two beams carrying identical loads, simply supported, are having same depth but beam A has double the width as compared that of beam B. The ratio of the strength of beam A to that of beam B is
(A) 1/2    (B) 1/4
(C) 2       (D) 4
Answer: C
79.       Defection can be controlled by using the appropriate
(A) aspect ratio             (B) modular ratio
(C) span/depth ratio    (D) water cement ratio
Answer: C
80.    In a load-balanced prestressed concrete beam under self load ,the cross-section is subjected to
(A) axial stress                         (B) bending stress
(C) axial and bending stress (D) axial and shear stress
Answer: D


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