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HSST Computer Science Solved Paper (SR For ST) 144/2013 - Part 9

81.       If every requirement can be checked by a cost-effective process, then the SRS is said to be
(A) verifiable     (B) complete
(C) traceable     (D) modifiable
Answer: A
82.       In order to sort a list L consisting of a sorted list followed by a few "random" elements, which one of the following sorting methods would be suitable?
(A) Quick sort               (B) Selection sort
(C) Bubble sort             (D) Insertion sort
Answer: D
83.       SIMD organization represents
(A) organization of single computer containing a control unit, processor unit and a memory unit
(B) one that includes many processing units under the supervision of a common control unit
(C) a computer system capable of processing several programs at the same time
(D) none of the above
Answer: B
84.       The view of total database content is
(A) External view         (B) Physical view
(C) Internal view          (D) Conceptual view
Answer: D
85.       Quick sort algorithm belongs to the ..................... design technique.
(A) Backtracking          (B) Dynamic programming
(C) Greedy                    (D) Divide and Conquer
Answer: C

86.       Among the following, which one is NOT a regular expression?
(A) (1+2+0)*(1+2)
(B) [(0+1)-(0b+a1)*(a+b)]*
(C) [(a+b)*(aa+bb)]*
(D) (01+11+10)*
Answer: B
87.       Given a 4-input AND gate, how many inputs must be HIGH in order for the output of the logic gate to go HIGH?
(A) any two of the inputs        (B) any one of the inputs
(C) any three of the inputs     (D) all four inputs
Answer: D
88.       Let P be the risk probability, L be the loss, then Risk Exposure(RE) is computed as
(A) RE=P+L                  (B) RE=P/L
(C) RE=P*L                   (D) RE=2*P*L
Answer: C
89.       Virtual memory is
(A) less efficient in utilization of memory
(B) used in all major commercial operating systems
(C) simple to implement
(D) useful when fast I/O devices are not available
Answer: B
90.    If we are to debug an implementation of a quick sort that is supposed to sort an array in ascending order, after the first partition step has been completed, the contents of the array are in the following 2 10 1 14 17 24 22 20
(A) The pivot could have been either 14 or 17
(B) Neither 14 nor 17 could have been the pivot
(C) The pivot could have been 17, but could not have been 14
(D) The pivot could have been 14, but could not have been 17
Answer: A


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