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Medical Records Librarian Gr II (102/2011) - Part 10

91.       'Green stick' fractures are usually seen in
(A) Injuries due to stick                       (B) Children
(C) Old age due to osteoporosis       (D) Road traffic accident
Answer: B
92.       Fracture of the ankle involving both the tibia and fibula
(A) Green stick             (B) Trasverse
(C) Pott's                       (D) Avulsion
Answer: C
93.       World Health Day in 2003 focus on healthy environment for
(A) Children                  (B) Adults
(C) Adolescent             (D) Old people
Answer: A
94.       What do you mean by good medical records ?
(A) Standard size of medical records forms
(B) Good quality of paper, printing, style, convenient file etc.
(C) Sufficient data written in sequence of events to justify the diagnosis, treatment and end result.
(D) Record contain all basic record forms.
Answer: C
95.       'Whiplash' injuries are seen in
(A) Road traffic accident                    (B) Custodial death
(C) Causes of whipping and torture            (D) Cause of all the above
Answer: A

96.       What do you mean by inpatient bed
(A) Total number of IP bed available in the hospital
(B) Total number of patient occupied IP beds
(C) Any bed meant for over night stay
(D) Average bed occupancy
Answer: A
97.       In ICDO- 'X' letter code is used for
(A) No sub site             (B) Not specified site
(C) Unknown               (D) No diagnosis
Answer: A
98.       According to ICD Hansen's disease will come under
(A) Infectious and parasitic disease
(B) Neoplasm
(C) Disease of the blood and blood forming organs
(D) Disease of the nervous system
Answer: A
99.       Scientific measurement of the dimension of the head
(A) Cephalography                 (B) Cephalometer
(C) Cephalometry                    (D) Cephalomotor
Answer: C
100.    99-46-96, 00-47-96 : Select the correct numbering system
(A) Straight numeric                (B) Terminal Digit
(C) Middle digit                         (D) Terminal digit and middle digit
Answer: B


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