Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Medical Records Librarian Gr II (102/2011) - Part 3

21.       Name the media which provide interactive health care utilizing modern technology in hospitals is ……………
(A) TV                            (B) Intercom
(C) Telemedicine         (D) AIR
Answer: C
22.       What do you mean by Tid 6/12 in a discharge summary
(A) Two times a day                 (B) Four times a day
(C) Three times a day             (D) Four times a day
Answer: C
23.       Who is the consumer of a hospital
(A) Patients                   (B) Public
(C) Sibling                    (D) Children
Answer: A
24.       What is the full form of AT in the IBM PC-AT ?
(A) Applied technology           (B) Advanced technology
(C) Additional technology      (D) None of the above
Answer: B
25.       Thoracic region consists of ………….. bones
(A) Seven          (B) Twelve
(C) Five             (D) Four
Answer: B

26.       Median value of 122, 123, 124, 125, 126, 127, 128 is
(A) 127               (B) 123
(C) 125              (D) 122
Answer: C
27.       Write the meaning of Costo
(A) Colon                      (B) Rib
(C) Cartilage                 (D) Common bile duct
Answer: B
28.       Which of the following is not a computer hardware ?
(A) Mouse         (B) Monitor
(C) Antivirus     (D) Printer
Answer: C
29.       An abnormality consisting of an infolding of skin containing hair over the coccygeal area which has formed a space and can become infected is ……………
(A) Plaque                    (B) Pyloric stenosis
(C) Pyorrhoea              (D) Pilonidal sinus
Answer: D
30.    Dx means …………..
(A) Date of diagnosis  (B) Diagnosis
(C) Diagram                  (D) Death
Answer: B


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