Thursday, 18 August 2016

Medical Records Librarian Gr II (102/2011) - Part 4

31.       A benign tumor is …………..
(A) Hemangioma         (B) Sarcoma
(C) Astrocytoma           (D) Glioma
Answer: A
32.       A 7 years old girl, had a fall from swing and developed head injury in the occipital area with an open wound and bleeding. Write the cause of death.
(A) Head injury in the occipital area (B) Fall from swing
(C) Open wound                                  (D) Bleeding
Answer: B
33.       A statistical maps which are used for furnishing information on geographical basis is …………….
(A) Pictogram               (B) Cartograms
(C) Histogram               (D) Dimensional diagram
Answer: B
34.       Which digit indicate the behavior in morphology code
(A) Third digit                (B) Fourth digit
(C) Fifth digit                (D) Sixth digit
Answer: C
35.       How can we understand the Null Cell (Non T- Non B) in the morphology code ?
(A) Sixth digit- 7           (B) Sixth digit- 4
(C) Sixth digit- 5           (D) Fifth digit- 5
Answer: A

36.       The other name used for fluid balance sheet is …………….
(A) TPR                                     (B) Urine sugar monitoring chart
(C) Input- Output chart           (D) Nurses observation chart
Answer: C
37.       Histology is useful for …………….
(A) Cancer Registry    (B) Other coding
(C) Pathology               (D) Treatment
Answer: C
38.       Surgical death has to be considered as …………..
(A) Surgery after 24 hours     (B) Surgery after one year
(C) Surgery after one month (D) Surgery after 10 days
Answer:-Question Cancelled
39.       The doctor explained to the patient about the relevant details regarding the nature of his disease, the diagnostic procedure involved the course and alternatives to the treatment proposed, risks involved consent is ……………..
(A) General consent               (B) Express consent
(C) Informed consent              (D) Formal consent
Answer: C
40.    Ward Census is taken at
(A) Morning                  (B) Evening
(C) Day time                 (D) Midnight
Answer: D


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