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Medical Records Librarian Gr II (102/2011) - Part 6

51.       Right to Information Act was enacted in the year
(A) 1984                        (B) 2005
(C) 2001                        (D) 1975
Answer: B
52.       What is unicode?
(A) Standard font                                 (B) Software
(C) Character encoding system        (D) Keyboard layout
Answer: C
53.       Choose the correct terminology for surgical repair of the skull.
(A) Craniotomy             (B) Cranioplasty
(C) Craniostosis           (D) Cranioschisis
Answer:-Question Cancelled
54.       Autopsy is performed .......................
(A) To find out the diagnosis
(B) To find out the cause of death
(C) To find out the post operative changes
(D) Just for legal requirement
Answer: B
55.       Head quarters of WHO is located at......................
(A) Washington                       (B) London
(C) Paris                        (D) Geneva
Answer: D

56.       Nosocomial infection means
(A) Physician borne infection                       (B) Hospital borne infection
(C) Infection of unknown origin       (D) Post operation in infection
Answer: B
57.       Life span of platelet is.....................
(A) 7 to 14 days            (B) 1 to 2 days
(C) 4 to 6 days              (D) 5 to 6 days
Answer: A
58.       The malignant tumor that arises from smooth muscle and visceral region of the body
(A) Liposarcoma          (B) Sarcoma
(C) Leiomyosarcoma   (D) Osteosarcoma
Answer: C
59.       The most sensitive and specific test for detecting small breast tumor is by
(A) Breast self examination   (B) Palpation by a physician
(C) Themogaphy                     (D) Mammography
Answer: D
60.    Kerato means
(A) Eye              (B) Cornea
(C) Eye lid         (D) Retina
Answer: B


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