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Medical Records Librarian Gr II (102/2011) - Part 7

61.       Select the underlying cause of death
(A) Uremia                                (B) Hydronephrosis
(C) Retention of urine                        (D) Hypertrophy of prostate
Answer: D
62.       Medical negligence involves ....................
(A) Act of omission                  (B) Act of commission
(C) Both a & b                          (D) None
Answer: C
63.       The process of producing energy in order to carry out all the metabolic process required
(A) Nutrition                  (B) Respiration
(C) Energy                    (D) Hormation
Answer: A
64.       CENT means ......................
(A) Hundred     (B) Thousand
(C) Ten              (D) Lakhs
Answer: A
65.       What do you mean by bid 3/12 in a discharge summary?
(A) Once a day             (B) Twice a day
(C) Thrice a day           (D) Four times a day
Answer: B

66.       The normal body temperature is ....................
(A) 39 degree Celsius             (B) 37 degree Celsius
(C) 35 degree Celsius                        (D) 28 degree Celsius
Answer: B
67.       Subpoena is ...................
(A) Court order passed on a holiday.
(B) Court order to appear and testify.
(C) Court order for doctors.
(D) Court order from lawyers.
Answer: B
68.       Which of the following is a qualitative variable?
(A) Blood pressure                  (B) Body temperature
(C) Blood group                       (D) Body weight
Answer: C
69.       Which of the following data collection method covers the entire population of the country?
(A) Vital registration    (B) Sampling registration
(C) Census                   (D) sample sueveys
Answer: C
70.    How can family members of diseased individual can obtain the deceased individual's copy of medical information that is relevant to their own health care ?
(A) Medical records be transferred through registered post
(B) Email
(C) Copy through post
(D) By hand
Answer: A


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