Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Medical Records Librarian Gr II (102/2011) - Part 9

81.       Proctosopy is the procedure of …………..
(A) Anus                        (B) Nose
(C) Chest          (D) Rectum
Answer: D
82.       The shape of Pie diagram is ……………..
(A) Rectangular bar    (B) Circle
(C) Lines                       (D) Square
Answer: B
83.       This is an important muscle which divides the thoracic cavity from the abdominal cavity
(A) Voluntary                (B) Involuntary
(C) Cardiac                   (D) Diaphram
Answer: D
84.       In ICD-10, K 00- K 93 indicates
(A) Disease of the circulatory system
(B) Disease of the respiratory system
(C) Disease of the nervous system
(D) Disease of the digestive system
Answer: D
85.       Hydrostatic test is carried out to determine
(A) Live birth of a baby
(B) Death of a baby
(C) Probable cause of death of baby
(D) Water potability
Answer: A

86.       Volvulus means ………….
(A) Causing obstruction
(B) Twisting of intestine
(C) Twisting of intestine upon itself causing obstruction
(D) Twisting of large intestine upon itself causing of obstruction
Answer: C
87.       What is POMR
(A) Place On Medical Records
(B) Problem Oriented Medical Records
(C) Problem Originated Medical Records
(D) Problem Omitted Medical Records
Answer: B
88.       A fracture where the ends of bone are forced into one another
(A) Impacted                 (B) Avulsion
(C) Comminuted          (D) Spiral
Answer: A
89.       This is a condition where the weakness is in the diaphragm
(A) Umbilical Hernea              (B) Inguinal Hernia
(C) Femoral Hernia                 (D) Hiatus Hernia
Answer: D
90.    Meaning of cyanosis
(A) Difficulty in breathing                   (B) Blueness of skin
(C) Insufficient oxygen in the blood            (D) Rapid breathing
Answer: B


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