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Pharmacist Grade 2 Ayurveda 336/2013 - Part 10

91.       Gandhaka is an ingredient in
(A) rasa puspa             (B) sweta parpati
(C) rasa sindura           (D) all the above
Answer: C
92.       The commonly used sodhana dravya for gairika is
(A) nirgundi swarasa  (B) godugdha
(C) gomutra                  (D) vasa swarasa
Answer: B
93.       The drug that is included in Maharasa is
(A) manasila     (B) capala
(C) hingula       (D) gandhaka
Answer: B
94.       The upadhathu of raktha as per sarangdhara is
(A) rajas             (B) sthanya
(C) sweda         (D) dantha
Answer: A
95.       Total number of ritus (seasons) in one year is
(A) 5       (B) 4
(C) 6       (D) 12
Answer: C

96.       The positive response of a treatment in a patient is termed as
(A) udarka         (B) upadrava
(C) upasaya      (D) anupasaya
Answer: C
97.       Normally, fertilization in humans is occurring at
(A) fallopian tube         (B) ovary
(C) uterus                      (D) cervix
Answer: A
98.       Gallbladder is closely related with
(A) liver              (B) spleen
(C) stomach      (D) heart
Answer: A
99.       The disease spread through contaminated water is
(A) influenza    (B) rabies
(C) cholera        (D) hepatitis B
Answer: C
100.    The specialty that is available in hospitals but not included as a separate anga among the ashtangas of Ayurveda is
(A) Kaumarabhritya                 (B) Salyatantra
(C) Rasayana chikitsa                        (D) Prasoothi tantra
Answer: D


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