Monday, 8 August 2016

Pharmacist Grade 2 Ayurveda 336/2013 - Part 4

31.       Mansas is
(A) Jnanedriya             (B) karmendriya
(C) both                         (D) athmendriya
Answer: C
32.       Cause of a disease is named as
(A) samprapthi             (B) upasayam
(C) lakshanam             (D) nidanam
Answer: D
33.       The treatment that eliminates doshas from the body is termed as
(A) laghanam               (B) shamanam
(C) shodhanam                       (D) brumhanam
Answer: C
34.       Number of bones in an adult human
(A) 270               (B) 206
(C) 307              (D) 207
Answer: B
35.       Patella is the part of ………….. joint
(A) knee                        (B) elbow
(C) wrist             (D) neck
Answer: A

36.       Correct order of the following is
A. esophagus B. stomach C. duodenum D. jejunum
(A) CBAD                      (B) ACBD
(C) ABCD                      (D) ADBC
Answer: C
37.       Larynx is the part of ………………. system
(A) digestive                 (B) respiratory
(C) circulatory               (D) urinary
Answer: B
38.       Blood flows from right ventricle to
(A) lungs                       (B) heart
(C) entire body             (D) liver
Answer: A
39.       The normal human body temperature measured by using a thermometer placing in the mouth of a person is …………. degree Fahrenheit
(A) 98.6              (B) 37
(C) 37.6             (D) 99
Answer: A
40.    Normal blood pressure of a healthy adult is …………. mm of Hg
(A) 120/80                     (B) 170/90
(C) 150/90                     (D) 130/100
Answer: A


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