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Pharmacist Grade 2 Ayurveda 336/2013 - Part 6

51.       The Kalpana that is prepared through the process of distillation is
(A) arka              (B) arishta
(C) kwatha        (D) sura
Answer: A
52.       The ratio of drug to water in phanta Kalpana is
(A) 1:4                (B) 1:2
(C) 1:3                (D) 1:6
Answer: A
53.       Dose of agni sidha swarasa is
(A) half pala                  (B) one pala
(C) two pala                  (D) one karsha
Answer: B
54.       Anjana is primarily a
(A) nasa Kalpana                    (B) mukha Kalpana
(C) both a and b                       (D) netra Kalpana
Answer: D
55.       For the preparation of kwatha sidha yavagu, amount of dravya to be taken for 64 palas of water is
(A) 2 pala          (B) 1 pala
(C) 4 pala          (D) 3 pala
Answer: C

56.       All drugs are advised to take fresh except
(A) guduchi      (B) thippali
(C) vasa             (D) aswagandha
Answer: B
57.       The drug that should be used fresh and only in the prescribed quantity is
(A) kujtaja twak             (B) satavari
(C) koosmanda                        (D) all the above
Answer: D
58.       Darvi pralepatwam can be a useful indicator for paka of
(A) raskriya       (B) agnisidha gudika
(C) avaleha       (D) all the above
Answer: D
59.       Correct statement regarding arishta and asva is
(A) arishta asavas are included in sura
(B) iron vessels are most suitable for making arishta asavas
(C) generally, one thulam guda is recommended for preparation
(D) generally, asavasa are made from kwatha
Answer: C
60.    The general ratio for kalka, thaila and drava dravya in sneha kalpana is
(A) 1:2:4             (B) 1:4:16
(C) 1:8:32          (D) 1:5:10
Answer: B


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