Friday, 12 August 2016

Pharmacist Grade 2 Ayurveda 336/2013 - Part 8

71.       The quantity of guda to be taken for the processing of vatika/gutika is
(A) three times of choorna     (B) two times of choorna
(C) four times of choorna       (D) equal to choorna
Answer: B
72.       Grinding of minerals by using different drava dravyas are termed as
(A) nirvapa        (B) bhavana
(C) dhalana      (D) marana
Answer: B
73.       Bhasma is the end product of
(A) sodhana     (B) jarana
(C) bhavana     (D) marana
Answer: D
74.       Which among the following is a heavy metal that is used in Rasasastra for curing diseases after proper processing
(A) calcium       (B) mercury
(C) bismuth       (D) all the above
Answer: B
75.       The yantra that can be used for bhallathaka thaila nirmana is
(A) arka yantra             (B) damaru yantra
(C) patana yantra        (D) all the above
Answer: Question Cancelled

76.       Largest puta among the following is
(A) varaha puta                        (B) gaja puta
(C) mahaputa               (D) kukkuda puta
Answer: C
77.       Agnijara is included in
(A) Upavisha                (B) maharasa
(C) uparasa                  (D) sadharana rasa
Answer: D
78.       Black bitumen is
(A) silajathu      (B) abhraka
(C) anjana         (D) talaka
Answer: A
79.       The chemical formula of kasisa is
(A) As2S3                     (B) CuSO4.10H2O
(C) CuSO4.7H2O        (D) FeSO4.7H2O
Answer: D
80.    Thriphala kwatha is used for the sodhana of
(A) hingula       (B) tamkana
(C) silajathu      (D) manasila
Answer: C


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