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Pharmacist Grade 2 Health Services 605/2013 - Part 3

21.       In tablet manufacturing, TALC is used as
(A) Diluent                    (B) Granulating agent
(C) Glidant                    (D) Disintegrating agent
Answer: C
22.       SCHICK TEST is done to
(A) Detect the degree of immunity against Diphtheria.
(B) Detect the degree of immunity against Tuberculosis
(C) Detect the degree of immunity against Typhoid
(D) identify the presence of Ketone bodies in urine
Answer: A
23.       Glycerin or Sorbitol is added to gelatin in the preparation of soft gelatin capsules as
(A) Preservatives         (B) Plasticizer
(C) Polishing agent     (D) Sweetening agent
Answer: B
24.       Principle of Size Reduction in Ball Mill is
(A) Compression         (B) Impact
(C) Attrition                   (D) Combination of Impact and Attrition
Answer: D
25.       Eugenia caryophyllus is the botanical name of
(A) Clove                       (B) Eucalyptus
(C) Coriander               (D) Cardamom
Answer: A

26.       Who among the following is not an Ex-officio member of central council of Pharmacy Council of India
(A) Director General, Health Services
(B) Drugs Controller of India
(C) Director, Central Drugs Laboratory
(D) Health Secretary, Govt. of India
Answer: D
27.       The limit test of Iron depends upon the interaction of iron with
(A) Barium Sulphate reagent            (B) Diphenyl thiocarbazone
(C) Thioglycollic acid              (D) Mercuric Chloride
Answer: C
28.       In relation to emulsion, formation of a layer of relatively concentrated emulsion above or below the surface is known as
(A) Cracking                 (B) Creaming
(C) Mottling                   (D) Phase inversion
Answer: B
29.       Drugs Inspector is appointed as per the provisions of
(A) Pharmacy Act 1948
(B) Drugs and Cosmetics Act 1945
(C) Drugs Inspector Act 1940
(D) Narcotic and Psychotropic Substances Act 1985
Answer: B
30.    Presence of lignified trichomes is the characteristic microscopic feature of
(A) Nux-vomica                        (B) Digitalis
(C) Datura                     (D) Cinchona
Answer: A


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