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Pharmacist Grade 2 Health Services 605/2013 - Part 4

31.       An example for an anthracene glycoside
(A) Purpurea glycoside          (B) Diosgenin
(C) Cantharidin                                    (D) Sennoside
Answer: D
32.       Hydrogen Peroxide IP used as antiseptic contains
(A) 100% w/v of Hydrogen peroxide
(B) 25% w/v of Hydrogen Peroxide
(C) 6% w/v of Hydrogen Peroxide
(D) 27% w/v of Hydrogen Peroxide
Answer: C
33.       The agent used as a radio-opaque contrast medium:
(A) Radioactive Sodium Iodide         (B) Colloidal Gold Injection
(C) Barium Sulphate                           (D) Sodium Iodo hippurate
Answer: C
34.       When an hypotonic solution is injected into blood stream, causes
(A) Haemolysis                                    (B) Shrinkage of blood cells
(C) Sclerosis of veins             (D) No characteristic change
Answer: A
35.       Sodium lauryl Sulphate is
(A) Cationic surface active agents
(B) Ampholytic surface active agents
(C) Nonionic surface active agents
(D) Anionic surface active agents
Answer: D

36.       A toxoid vaccine is:
(A) Killed bacterial suspension
(B) Live bacterial suspension
(C) Live viral Vaccine
(D) Toxins that have been incubated with formalin
Answer: D
37.       0.1gms contains:
(A) 1000 mg                  (B) 100 mg
(C) 10 mg                      (D) 1 mg
Answer: B
38.       Volume of 95% alcohol required to prepare 500 ml of 20% alcohol is:
(A) 80 ml                        (B) 50 ml
(C) 105 ml                     (D) 150 ml
Answer: C
39.       Which among the following is a blood coagulation factor:
(A) Sodium                   (B) Calcium
(C) Potassium              (D) Manganese
Answer: B
40.    An example for a drug that undergoes extensive first pass metabolism:
(A) Testosterone          (B) Phenobarbitone
(C) Tolbutamide           (D) Theophylline
Answer: A


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