Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Pharmacist Grade 2 Health Services 605/2013 - Part 6

51.       An antidote which can be used in cyanide poisoning:
(A) Sodium bicarbonate         (B) Sodium nitrite
(C) Dimercaprol                       (D) Sodium bi sulphite
Answer: B
52.       Colloidal dispersion of liquids or solids in gases are:
(A) Aerosols                  (B) Emulsion
(C) Creams                   (D) Suspensions
Answer: A
53.       An example for a drug with anti-hypertensive action
(A) Rhubarb                 (B) Vasaka
(C) Liquorice                (D) Rauwolfia
Answer: D
54.       Restricted licences in Forms 20-A and 21-A are issued for:
(A) Narcotic and Psychotropic substances
(B) Pethidine and related drugs
(C) wholesale dealing of drugs which does not require the supervision of a registered pharmacist
(D) drugs specified in Schedule X
Answer: C
55.       The Schedule in Drugs and Cosmetics Act which specifies that drugs shall not be sold by retail except on and in accordance with the prescription of a Registered Medical Practitioner:
(A) Schedule K                        (B) Schedule G
(C) Schedule J             (D) Schedule H
Answer: D

56.       As per Drugs and Cosmetics Act 1945, the term "Drugstore" refers to
(A) Licenses where the service of registered pharmacist is employed but donot maintain a pharmacy
(B) Licenses who employ the service of registered pharmacist and maintain a pharmacy for compounding against prescription
(C) Licenses where drugs are temporarily stored
(D) Licenses where service of a qualified person is not required
Answer: D
57.       Which among the following is a prodrug:
(A) Levodopa                (B) Indomethacin
(C) Paracetamol           (D) Diphenhydramine
Answer: A
58.       Leucovorin rescue is given to reduce the toxic effects of
(A) Methotrexate          (B) Cyclophosphamide
(C) Melphalan              (D) Chlorambucil
Answer: A
59.       The antibiotic that acts by inhibiting bacterial protein synthesis by binding to the 30s ribosomal subunits:
(A) Chloramphenicol  (B) Doxycyclin
(C) Azithromycin          (D) Vancomycin
Answer: B
60.    Diethyl carbamazine is the drug of choice in the treatment of:
(A) Epilepsy                              (B) Filarial infection
(C) Hookworm infestation      (D) Malaria
Answer: B


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