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Chief General Manager Exam 27-01-2015 Category Code: 296/2011 - Part 2

11.       The Vigilance Officer appointed by the government to investigate the cases of misappropriation in the society shall have the rank not below the rank of
(A) Superintendent of Police
(B) Inspector General of Police
(C) Deputy Inspector General of Police
(D) Deputy Superintendent of Police
Answer: C
12.       Maximum members of a board of directors of a primary co-operative society shall not be more than
(A) 15 members           (B) 21members
(C) 13members            (D) 7members
Answer: A
13.       Who is the custodian of cash and other valuables of a Primary Agricultural Co-operative Society
(A) Cashier       (B) Secretary
(C) President    (D) Accountant
Answer: B
14.       State Co-operative Election Commission conduct all elections of co-operative societies mentioned below except
(A) Election of Board of Directors
(B) Election of President and Vice President
(C) Election of Special General Body
(D) Election of Representative General Body
Answer: C
15.       The co-operative Development and Welfare Fund shall not be utilized for
(A) Utilizing for the developmental activities of these societies
(B) Safe guarding the damages to their assets
(C) Safe guarding the loss to their properties
(D) Expenses incurred for opening branches
Answer: B

16.       The Registrar shall appoint as per Section 71 of Kerala Co-operative Societies Act a person called
(A) Co-operative Tribunal      (B) Co-operative Ombudsman
(C) Liquidator                           (D) Sale officer
Answer: C
17.       Which among the following Co-operative Societies, election shall not be conducted on ward basis
(A) Urban Co-operative Banks
(B) Urban Co-operative Societies
(C) Primary Housing Co-operative Societies
(D) Primary Consumer Co-operative Societies
Answer: D
18.       The immovable property acquired by a society through a sale by the sale officer for realization of loan amount shall be disposed within
(A) 7 years        (B) 3 years
(C) 1 year          (D) 2 years
Answer: A
19.       Which among the following is a false statement in case of voting to a society
(A) A member admitted in a Co-operative Society within 60 days immediately prior to the date of election shall not have right to vote
(B) A nominal member shall not have right to vote
(C) A depositor shall have right to vote
(D) An ex-officio member on the committee shall have vote
Answer: C
20.    A Society shall dispose 10% of its net profit to
(A) Reserve Fund
(B) Member Relief Fund
(C) Agricultural Credit Stabilization Fund
(D) Co-operative Education Fund
Answer: B


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