Friday, 16 September 2016

Chief General Manager Exam 27-01-2015 Category Code: 296/2011 - Part 4

31.        Identify the wrong statement
(A) leadership is the ability to influence a group
(B) all leaders are managers
(C) all leaders are not managers
(D) all managers are leaders
Answer: B
32.       Which strategy would be effective when the new products have a counter cyclical sales pattern compared to an organization's present products?
(A) Forward integration          (B) market positioning
(C) Horizontal diversification (D) Market penetration
Answer: A
33.       What does Dog symbolize in BCG matrix?
(A) high growth, high market share
(B) low growth, low market share
(C) low growth, high market share
(D) high growth, low market share
Answer: B
34.       Specific, short-term statements detailing how to achieve an organization's goals is known as
(A) vision                       (B) mission
(C) objectives               (D) operational planning
Answer: C
35.       Which of the following is an example of a nonverbal message?
(A) eye contact             (B) jargon
(C) yelling                     (D) mumbling
Answer: A

36.       The factors that generate shareholder wealth are usually called
(A) key factors              (B) value drivers
(C) present values       (D) future cash flows
Answer: B
37.       What does EVA stand for
(A) Employee value analysis            (B) Expected value arising
(C) Economic value added    (D) Economic value analysis
Answer: C
38.       A common method of measuring attitude of people is
(A) in-depth interviews
(B) observing people’s behavior
(C) semantic differential scales
(D) a lie detector
Answer: C
39.       Matrix structure of organization violates which key element of organizational design
(A) unity of command             (B) chain of command
(C) span of management       (D) decentralization
Answer: A
40.    Authority and responsibility are …………. to each other
(A) supplementary       (B) inconsistent
(C) contradictory          (D) complementary
Answer: D


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