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Chief General Manager Exam 27-01-2015 Category Code: 296/2011 - Part 5

41.       An offer kept open for acceptance over a period of time is referred to as :
(A) Counter offer         (B) Cross offer
(C) Standing offer       (D) Specific offer
Answer: C
42.       The time limit for filing a complaint before the District forum under Consumer Protection Act, 1986,is
(A) One year                 (B) Two years
(C) Three years            (D) There is no such limits
Answer: B
43.       Mr.A entered into a contract with Mr.B whereby Mr.A agreed to sell heroin an illegal substance, worth Rs.50,000 to Mr.B. This is an example for:
(A) Void contract          (B) Voidable contract
(C) Quasi contract       (D) Second Party Beneficiary contract
Answer: A
44.       Section 172 of Contract Act deals with :
(A) Bailment                 (B) Pledge
(C) Indemnity               (D) Lien
Answer: B
45.       The outside third party who is brought into settle a dispute and has the authority to take a decision is called:
(A) Legal expert           (B) Government
(C) An arbitrator           (D) Mentor
Answer: C

46.       Which of the following transactions does not come under the purview of bailment?
(A) Delivering goods to creditor as security of loan
(B) Delivering goods for repair with or without remuneration
(C) Delivering goods for carriage
(D) Placing ornaments in bank locker
Answer: D
47.       The term of a patent is:
(A) 10 years      (B) 14 Years
(C) 20 Years     (D) 25 Years
Answer: C
48.       'Novation' is a mode of discharge of contract by:
(A) lapse of time           (B) agreement
(C) operation of law    (D) performance of contract
Answer: B
49.       From the following identify a statement that is not true:
(A) Principal is bound by the act of agent done within the scope of his authority
(B) Authority given to borrow money makes the principal liable even if the agent borrows beyond authorized limits
(C) Principal is liable for fraud committed by his agent acting in the course of his business
(D) Authority given to sell goods authorizes the agent to borrow money by pledging the goods
Answer: D
50.    Who is the Chairman of the Central Consumer Protection Council?
(A) Prime Minister
(B) Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
(C) Chief Justice of the High Court
(D) Minister in Charge of Consumer Affairs
Answer: D


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