Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Chief General Manager Exam 27-01-2015 Category Code: 296/2011 - Part 9

81.       First stock exchange in India is
(C) Cochin Stock Exchange
(D) Ahmadabad Stock Exchange
Answer: Question Cancelled
82.       Blue chip shares means
(A) Those shares which are listed in the stock exchange
(B) Those shares whose guarantee is given by Government
(C) Those shares on whom dividend is paid at higher rate regularly
(D) Those shares which are issued at first time
Answer: C
83.       Days of grace are allowed to
(A) Demand Bill           (B) Cheque
(C) Time Bill                  (D) Promissory Note
Answer: C
84.       In India 14 commercial Banks were nationalized in the year
(A) 1955                        (B) 1969
(C) 1972                        (D) 1980
Answer: B
85.       Crossing of the cheque can be made by
(A) Drawer only            (B) Banker only
(C) Any holder             (D) None of these
Answer: C

86.       Accounting principles are acceptable when they, in general, satisfy the basic norms
(A) Usefulness and Objectivity
(B) Objectivity and feasibility
(C) Usefulness, Objectivity and Feasibility
(D) Usefulness, Objectivity, Feasibility and Obligatory
Answer: C
87.       The term ‘playing safe’ relate to
(A) Convention of conservatism
(B) Convention of materiality
(C) Realization concept
(D) Going concern concept
Answer: A
88.       Which of the following method does not consider as a Method of Depreciation?
(A) Double Declining Balance Method
(B) Mileage Method
(C) Service Hours Method
(D) Striking Product Method
Answer: D
89.       According to Rolland, Trail balance is defined as “the final list of balances, ……………”
(A) adjusted and totalled
(B) totalled in a column form
(C) totalled and combined
(D) totalled and accumulated
Answer: C
90.    The case Gurner V/s Murray relate to
(A) Admission of a partner     (B) Retirement of a partner
(C) Death of a partner             (D) Insolvency of a partner
Answer: D

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