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Chief General Manager Exam 27-01-2015 Category Code: 297/2011 - Part 3

21.       To become a member of credit society an individual should have attain the age of
(A) 18                 (B) 28
(C) 25                 (D) 21
Answer: A
22.       The objective of creating reserve fund by the co-operative society is
(A) To meet unforeseen losses
(B) To pay off the debt of the society
(C) to pay off the debts due to government
(D) To pay dividend
Answer: A
23.       The motto of cooperative society is based on
(A) all for each
(B) each for all
(C) each for all and all for each
(D) all for all
Answer: C
24.       The main refinancing agency of co-operative banks
(A) RBI               (B) SBI
Answer: C
25.       Audit of co operative society is done by
(A) Charted Accountant
(B) Co -operative department of India
(C) Co operative Department of the State
(D) Internal Auditor
Answer: C

26.       Hawthorne experiment is associated with :
(A) Henry Fayol                       (B) Fedrick W. Taylor
(C) Theodore Levitt                 (D) George Elton Mayo
Answer: D
27.       An obligation to remain with an organization for moral or ethical reasons is :
(A) Continuance commitment           (B) Affective commitment
(C) Normative commitment                (D) Organizational commitment
Answer: C
28.       Diversification by adding new, unrelated products or services for present customers is referred to as :
(A) Product development       (B) Conglomerate diversification
(C) Concentric diversification           (D) Horizontal diversification
Answer: D
29.       According to BCG Matrix, which division represents businesses with high growth rate and low market share ?
(A) Stars                        (B) Dogs
(C) Question Marks     (D) Cash Cows
Answer: C
30.    Who translates the corporate strategy into concrete objectives for individual business ?
(A) Functional level managers         (B) Corporate level managers
(C) Business level managers                        (D) Multi level managers
Answer: C


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