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Chief General Manager Exam 27-01-2015 Category Code: 297/2011 - Part 7

61.       The Restrictive Trade Practices are provided in :
(A) Section 33(1)         (B) Section 33(2)
(C) Section 33(3)         (D) Section 33(4)
Answer: A
62.       Set of processes, laws and institutions that affects the way in which a corporation is directed, administered or controlled, to facilitate the interest of stake holders, is termed as:
(A) Environmental ethics
(B) Corporate governance
(C) Corporate social responsibility
(D) Corporate sustainability
Answer: B
63.       Which of the following is not the main objective of Fiscal Policy in India ?
(A) To ensure price stability
(B) To increase liquidity in the economy
(C) To minimize inequalities in the distribution of income and wealth
(D) To promote employment opportunities
Answer: B
64.       Which of the following is not a method of social audit ?
(A) Financial Statement Format Audit
(B) Social Process Audit
(C) Constituency Group Audit
(D) Employee Benefit Audit
Answer: D
65.       Who, among the following, is empowered to supersede the Competition Commission of India ?
(A) President of India              (B) Central Government
(C) Supreme Court                  (D) MRTP Commission
Answer: B

66.       The investment limits of micro enterprises engaged in manufacturing sector, as per MSMED Act, 2006, is :
(A) Rs.10 lakhs                        (B) Rs.25 lakhs
(C) Rs.2 crores             (D) Rs.5 crores
Answer: B
67.       Build, operate and transfer concept is envisaged in:
(A) Real estate             (B) Power generation
(C) Airlines                   (D) Highways
Answer: D
68.       Which of the following theory best defines the relationship between currencies on the basis of rate of inflation ?
(A) Interest rate parity theory
(B) Relative inflation theory
(C) Foreign exchange parity theory
(D) Purchasing power parity theory
Answer: D
69.       Which of the following is not related to the elements of internal environment ?
(A) Money and capital market           (B) Marketing capability
(C) Operational capability                  (D) Personnel capability
Answer: A
70.    Which is the apex body of various exporters and export promotion organisations in India?
(A) Federation of Indian Exporters Organization
(B) Trade fair Authority of India
(C) Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India
(D) Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence and Statistics
Answer: A


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