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Pharmacist Grade 2 Health Services 605/2013 - Part 10

91.       Which one of the following is referred to as Good Cholesterol:
(A) Triglycerides                                   (B) High density Lipoproteins
(C) Low density Lipoproteins                        (D) Chylomicrons
Answer: B
92.       Which part of the plant "Opium poppy" is used for obtaining the active principles:
(A) dried latex from stem        (B) dried latex from capsules
(C) dried latex from root          (D) dried latex from shoots
Answer: B
93.       Proton pump inhibitor used in the treatment of peptic ulcer
(A) Rabeprazole          (B) Ranitidine
(C) Misoprostol             (D) Sucralfate
Answer: A
94.       An example for a drug that induces cytochrome P450:
(A) Phenytoin               (B) Omeprazole
(C) Allopurinol             (D) Chloramphenicol
Answer: A
95.       Physostigmine is an example for
(A) Adrenergic durg                (B) Anticholinergic drug
(C) Adrenergic blocking drug            (D) Anticholinesterase
Answer: D

96.       A Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drug derived from anthranilic acid:
(A) Mephenemic acid             (B) Ibuprofen
(C) Indomethacin                    (D) Diclofenac Sodium
Answer: A
97.       A hormone secreted by the anterior lobe of pituitary gland:
(A) Mineralocorticoids
(B) Gonadotropin releasing hormone
(C) Growth hormone
(D) Thyrotropin releasing hormone
Answer: C
98.       An drug which inhibits spermatogenesis, used as male contraceptive
(A) Tamoxifen              (B) Norethindrone
(C) Levonorgestrel      (D) Gossypol
Answer: D
99.       An Angiotensin antagonist:
(A) Captopril                 (B) Losartan
(C) Verapamil               (D) Nicorandil
Answer: B
100.    Lovastatin is
(A) Antifibrinolytic agent                    (B) H2 receptor antagonist
(C) HMG Co-A reductase inhibitor   (D) Lipoprotein lipase activator
Answer: C


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