Thursday, 1 September 2016

Pharmacist Grade 2 Health Services 605/2013 - Part 8

71.       Pyridoxine is
(A) Vitamin B 1             (B) Vitamin B 2
(C) Vitamin B 6                        (D) Folic acid
Answer: C
72.       The latin term "Oris" denotes
(A) to mouth                  (B) Ever hour
(C) when necessary   (D) at bed time
Answer: A
73.       Carbonic anhydrase inhibitor
(A) Ethacrynic acid      (B) Chlorothiazide
(C) Acetazolamide       (D) Chlorothiazide
Answer: C
74.       Which one among the following has a phenanthrene nucleus:
(A) Pentazocine           (B) Trifluperazine
(C) Promethazine        (D) Morphine
Answer: D
75.       2 Acetoxy benzoic acid is:
(A) Paraben                  B) Aspirin
(C) PABA                      (D) Benzocaine
Answer: B

76.       An agent used to delay the renal excretion of penicillins
(A) Protamine sulphate          (B) Procaine
(C) Propylene glycol               (D) Probenecid
Answer: D
77.       An antidote for warfarin toxicity/overdose
(A) Protamine               (B) Dimercaprol
(C) Penicillamine        (D) Vitamin K
Answer: D
78.       An ingredient of anticoagulant solution used for storage of whole blood
(A) Anhydrous citric acid        (B) Anhydrous benzoic acid
(C) Anhydrous Tartaric acid  (D) Ascorbic acid
Answer: A
79.       Valproic acid is used as an
(A) Analgesic               (B) Antiepileptic
(C) Anti-inflammatory (D) Diuretic
Answer: B
80.    All the following General anaesthetics are administered intravenously except:
(A) Ketamine                (B) Propofol
(C) Halothane              (D) Thiopentone Sodium
Answer: C


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