Friday, 2 September 2016

Pharmacist Grade 2 Health Services 605/2013 - Part 9

81.       Clavulanic acid is given along with amoxycillin to
(A) decrease excretion           (B) avoid first pass metabolism
(C) prevent drug resistance   (D) enhance oral absorption
Answer: C
82.       Carbidopa is used for the treatment of parkinsonism because it
(A) crosses blood brain barrier
(B) decrease monoamine oxidase
(C) inhibits L aminoacid decarboxylase
(D) a COMT inhibitor
Answer: C
83.       Aldosterone antagonist
(A) Spironolactone      (B) Amiloride
(C) Mannitol                 (D) Acetazolamide
Answer: A
84.       Antimalarial drug used in Rheumatoid arrthritis
(A) Mepacrine              (B) Chloroquine
(C) Artemisine              (D) Pamaquine
Answer: B
85.       Selenium Sulfide is used as
(A) Antimalarial                        (B) Antileprotic
(C) Antifungal              (D) Antidandruff
Answer: D

86.       The process of loosing water of crystallisation from a substance is
(A) Exudation               (B) Efflorescence
(C) Delequescence     (D) Diaphoretic
Answer: B
87.       Plantago ovata is used as
(A) Expectorant            (B) Sweetening agent
(C) Analgesic               (D) Laxative
Answer: D
88.       Sucrose is a
(A) Hexose                    (B) Monosaccharides
(C) Disaccharides       (D) Polysaccharides
Answer: C
89.       An antidiabetic plant drug:
(A) Withania somnifera          (B) Saraca indica
(C) Urginea maritime              (D) Gymnema sylvestre
Answer: D
90.    A tropane alkaloid:
(A) Atropine                  (B) Reserpine
(C) Ergometrine           (D) Diosgenin
Answer: A


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