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HSST Computer Science Solved Paper - Question Paper Code: 348/2005 - Part 4

61.       Totempole output is characteristic of the logic IC family:
(A) RTL              (B) CMOS
(C) TTL              (D) IIL
Answer: C
62.       A XOR B is equivalent to:
(A) (A+B).(B’+A’)          (B) A’B’+BA
(C) AB+B’A’                  (D) (A+B’).(B’+A)
Answer: D
63.       Which of the following is not correct?
(A) (x+y)’=x’.y’              (B) (x’+y’)’=x.y
(C) (x’.y’)’=x+y              (D) (x’+y’)’=x’.y’
Answer: D
64.       Which among the following flip-flops is a modification to the R-S flip-flop that avoids its indeterminate state?
(A) JK flip-flop              (B) D flip-flop           
(C) Q flip-flop                (D) T flip-flop
Answer: B
65.       The decimal equivalent of the octal number 137 is:
(A) 85                 (B) 87
(C) 95                 (D) 97
Answer: C
66.       The next larger integer corresponding to the positive integer whose representation in hexadecimal format is FF, represented in octal form is:
(A) 400                        (B) 100
(C) 177              (D) 200
Answer: A
FF in binary form = 1111 1111
Its decimal value = 255
Next larger integer in Decimal = 256
Its corresponding octal number = 400
67.       Into which of the following categories of tokens can you classify the character stream “elseif”?
(A) keyword                              (B) identifier 
(C) reserved word                    (D) none of these
Answer: C
68.       How many C tokens are present in the following assignment statement a+=b;
(A) 2       (B) 3
(C) 4       (D) 5
Answer: C
69.       The operator in C among the following that is not overloaded is:
(A) *        (B) /
(C) +       (D) -
Answer: B
70.    The incorrect statement a++b++ in C can be converted to a legal statement by changing which of the + characters to =?
(A) 1st alone      (B) 2nd alone
(C) 1st or 2nd      (D) 1st or 2nd alone but not both
Answer: B

71.    Which of the following is a valid operator of C++ but not of C?
(A) New             (B) ++
(C) --                   (D) →
Answer: A
72.    An abstract class in C++ is:
(A) a class with no data members
(B) a class with no member functions
(C) a class declared with virtual qualification
(D) used to provide a standard interface for derived classes
Answer: C
73.    In a publicly derived subclass, the protected members of a superclass are:
(A) available with public visibility
(B) available with protected visibility
(C) available with private visibility
(D) not available
Answer: B
74.    Which among the following DMLs given below is a domain calculus language?
(A) SQL             (B) QUEL
(C) QBE             (D) SEQUEL
Answer: A
75.    A relation in BCNF with no multivalued dependencies is in:
(A) 1NF              (B) 2NF
(C) 3NF             (D) 4NF
Answer: D
76.    From a table STUDENT with the fields ROLLNO., NAME, MARK1, MARK2 and MARK3, which of the following SQL command lists student with the highest mark in mark1 field?
(D) None of the above
Answer: C
77.    If A→BC, B→E and CD→EF hold in a relation scheme R(A,B,C,D,E,F). Which of the following functional dependencies also hold?
(A) B→D            (B) AD→CD
(C) D→A           (D) B→C
Answer: B
78.    In a relation scheme R with attributes A, B, C which of the following defines the augmentation property?
(A) if A→B holds, then AC→BC where C is a subset of R
(B) A→B and B→C implies A→C
(C) If A→B holds, then B→A also hold
(D) X→YZ implies X→Y and X→Z
Answer: A
79.    Spurious tuples may occur due to
(i) Bad normalization
(ii) Theta joins
(iii) Updating tables from join
(A) (ii) or (iii)                  (B) (ii) and (iii)
(C) (i) and (iii)               (D) (i) or (iii)
Answer: C
80.    Which of the following data structure is widely used in a network model RDBMS?
(A) Arrays          (B) Graphs
(C) Trees           (D) Stacks
Answer: B

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HSST Computer Science Solved Paper - Question Paper Code: 348/2005 - Part 3

41.       The Page Rank algorithm is used by
(A)               (B)
(C)            (D)
Answer: A
42.       The recursive function defined by f(n)=1 if n=1 and f(n)=n+f(n-1) computes the value:
(A) n2                 (B) n!
(C) n(n+1)/2      (D) 2n
Answer: B
43.       Which of the following file formats have the largest compression ratio?
(A) JPG              (B) PCX
(C) BMP                        (D) TIFF
Answer: A
44.       The founder of Computer Graphics is:
(A) Blaise Pascal         (B) Ivan Sutherland
(C) Dennis Ritchie      (D) Gourard
Answer: B
45.       The scientist credited with the evolution of JAVA programming language is:
(A) James Gosling                   (B) Scott McNealy
(C) Andy Grove                        (D) Linus Torvalds
Answer: A
46.       The scientist who developed the idea of the WWW is:
(A) James Gosling                   (B) Tim Berns Lee
(C) Andrew Tannenbaum      (D) Linus Torvalds
Answer: B
47.       Discovery of hidden patterns in a very large database is called:
(A) Data warehousing                                    (B) Data management
(C) Online Transaction Processing             (D) Data mining
Answer: D
48.       SQL is:
(A) Data Definition Language                       (B) Data Manipulation Language
(C) Both (A) and (B)                            (D) Neither (A) nor (B)
Answer: C
49.       Which of the following terms is not related with ISDN?
(A) NT1              (B) ATM
(C) BRI              (D) PRI
Answer: B
50.    Which of the following commands can be executed by a user for knowing the number of users logged in a UNIX system?
(A) ps                 (B) telnet
(C) who             (D) login
Answer: D

51.    1+4+7+......+(3n-2) is:
(A) 3n(n+1)/2                (B) n(3n-1)/2
(C) n(2n-1)/2                 (D) n(3n+1)
Answer: B
52.    Which among the following functions is not reflexive?
(A) The relation Ü on the set Z of integers
(B) Set inclusion Í on a collection C of sets
(C) Relation ^ (perpendicular) on the set of lines L in a plane
(D) Relation || on a set of lines L in a plane
Answer: C
53.    Which of the following type of relations partitions a set into a set of disjoint classes?
(A) partial ordering      (B) equivalence
(C) reflexive                  (D) symmetric
Answer: B
54.    How many times in nPr that of nCr?
(A) r!                   (B) n!
(C) (n-r)!             (D) n*r
Answer: A
55.    Deterministic and non-deterministic models of which among the following automata have non-equivalent powers?
(A) FA                B) PDA
(C) LBA             (D) TM
Answer: A
56.    Which among the following types of languages are accepted both by Finite Automata and Push down automata?
(A) Regular                               (B) context free        
(C) Context sensitive              (D) none of the above
Answer: D
57.    Consider the following two languages over {a, b}.
L1- the set of strings beginning and ending with an a
L2- the set of strings with same number of a’s and b’s
Which of the following is true about L1 and L2?
(A) L1 and L2 are both regular
(B) L1 is regular and L2 is context-free but not regular
(C) Neither L1 nor L2 is regular, but both are context-free
(D) L1 is context free but not regular and L2 is not context free
Answer: B
58.    Classify into one of the alternatives the grammar denoted by the productions S→aB, S→bA, A→a, A→aS, A→bAA, B→b, B→bS, B→aBB, AB→BA :
(A) Regular Grammar                         (B) Context free grammar
(C) Context sensitive grammar         (D) Unrestricted Grammar
Answer: C
59.    ~q˅p is equivalent to:
(A) ~p→q           (B) q→p
(C) ~p→~q        (D) ~q→~p
Answer: B
60.    CRC is:
(A) an error detection code
(B) an error correction code
(C) an error detection and correction code
(D) none of these
Answer: A

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HSST Computer Science Solved Paper - Question Paper Code: 348/2005 - Part 2

21.       Which of the following is (are) true about virtual memory systems that use pages?
(i) The virtual address space can be larger than the amount of physical memory
(ii) Programs must be resident in main memory throughout their execution
(iii) Pages correspond to semantic characteristics of the program.
(A) (i) only                     (B) (ii) only    
(C) (i) and (ii)                (D) (i) and (iii)
Answer: A
22.       Which among the following will not lead to a deadlock?
(A) Mutual exclusion  (B) Hold and Wait
(C) Preemption                        (D) Circular wait
Answer: C
23.       Which level of security is implemented in Windows NT?
(A) A1                (B) C1
(C) B2                (D) C2
Answer: D
24.       A method of executing two or more programs concurrently using the same computer describe:
(A) multi processing                (B) multiprogramming
(C) virtual processing             (D) time sharing
Answer: B
25.       Windows is a .............. bit operating system.
(A) 8                   (B) 16
(C) 32                 (D) 64
Answer: C
26.       The UNIX shell :
(A) does not come with the rest of the system
(B) forms the interface between the user and the kernel
(C) does not give any scope for programming
(D) does not allow calling one program from with in another
Answer: B
27.       The invalid file in UNIX from among the ones given below is:
(A) /bin/unix                  (B) etc/passwd
(C) etc/group                (D) usr/bin/vi
Answer: A
28.       The very first process created by the Kernel in UNIX is :
(A) init                (B) getty
(C) fork              (D) none among these
Answer: A
29.       A software package that includes two or more applications, such as word processing and spreadsheets, providing for easy transfer of data between them is best defined as :
(A) software server                              (B) software set
(C) integrated software package       (D) application set
Answer: C
30.    Which of the following is a software selection criteria?
(A) Appropriateness    (B) Efficiency
(C) Compatibility          (D) All of the above
Answer: D

31.    Which among the following set is the software that connects two disparate applications allowing them to communicate with each other and to exchange data?
(A) Intranet middleware          (B) Software bridge
(C) Software server                 (D) Software agent
Answer: A
32.    Which of the following is NOT a property of bitmap graphics?
(A) Fast hardware exists to move blocks of pixels efficiently
(B) Realistic lighting and shading can be done
(C) All line segments can be displayed as straight
(D) Polygons can be filled with solid colors and textures
Answer: B
33.    Which of the following characteristics of a programming language is best specified using a context-free grammar?
(A) Identifier length                             (B) Maximum level of nesting
(C) Operator precedence                   (D) type compatibility
Answer: C
34.    Which of the following comes closest to being a perfectly secure encryption scheme?
(A) The Caesar Cipher, a substitution cipher
(B) DES (Data Encryption Standard), a symmetric-key algorithm
(C) Enigma, a transposition cipher
(D) One-time pad
Answer: B
35.    Which of the following is a Parameter passing method in C?
(A) Call by value                      (B) Call by result
(C) Call by value-result          (D) Call by name
Answer: A
36.    Prolog programs are
(A) facts and knowledge bases        (B) horn clauses
(C) A set of functions                          (D) None of the above
Answer: B
37.    Kerberos is:
(A) an operating system                    
(B) A networking file system protocol
(C) an encrypted file system 
(D) a system that supports authentication in distributed systems
Answer: D
38.    ACL stands for:
(A) Automatic Control Language      (B) Access Control List
(C) Associate Cache Level                (D) Amortized Circular Lists
Answer: B
39.    A one-time password is
(A) one that changes every time it is used.
(B) one that is assigned once and not changed at all.
(C) one that can be used only at a particular time of the day
(D) one that is assigned for all session that starts at a particular time
Answer: A
40.    A hostile applet is:
(A) a downloadable applet that can cause harm on a client’s system
(B) an applet that resides on a system infected with a virus
(C) a downloadable applet that attaches itself to an existing applet.
(D) an applet generated by another applet
Answer: A

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