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Chief General Manager Exam 27-01-2015 Category Code: 297/2011 - Part 9

81.       Capital adequacy norm is expressed as a percentage of ............
(A) Standard assets                (B) Risk adjusted assets
(C) Sub standard assets        (D) Investments.
Answer: B
82.       Broad money has to be sensitized through ..............
(A) CRR                                    (B) SLR
(C) REPO Rate                        (D) All of the above
Answer: D
83.       “VSAT” Technology was first followed for online trading by …………..
(A) BSE             (B) NSE
(C) OTCEI         (D) ISE
Answer: B
84.       NABARD has taken over the entire functions of .................
(A) ARDC                      (B) ACD of RBI
(C) RPCD of RBI         (D) All of the above
Answer: Question Cancelled
85.       Any complaint should be lodged with the Ombudsman when ..........
(A) There is any deficiency in banking services.
(B) No reply is received from the bank within two months of the receipt of complaint.
(C) The complaint is rejected and a period of one year has not been lapsed from the date of rejection.
(D) (B) & (C) together.
Answer: D

86.       Decrease in the value of intangible asset is called ………….
(A) depreciation           (B) depletion
(C) amortization           (D) fluctuation
Answer: C
87.       Which of the following is not an intangible asset
(A) goodwill                  (B) patent
(C) copy rights              (D) preliminary expenses
Answer: D
88.       Trial balance will detect
(A) error of commission          (B) error of principle
(C) error of omission               (D) compensating error
Answer: A
89.       Transactions and other events are accounted and presented in accordance with
(A) legal form
(B) materiality
(C) substance and economic reality
(D) tax impact
Answer: Question Cancelled
90.    Which of the following equation is correct?
(A) share premium = issue price + par value
(B) share premium = issue price – par value
(C) share premium = issue price / par value
(D) share premium =issue price x par value
Answer: B


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