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Computer Operator - KIRTADS Solved Paper (132/2015) - Part 1

Question Paper Code: 132/2015
Computer Operator - KIRTADS
Date of Test: 14.07.2015
1.       For Intel Core i3 processor, GMCH is integrated with:
(A) South Bridge          (B) GPU
(C) North Bridge          (D) FCH
Answer: C
2.       In order to perform a critical task in timeliness, a multimedia system may use which of the following disk scheduling?
(A) SSTF                       (B) SATF
(C) Elevator                  (D) Real Time
Answer: D
3.       An omega switching network with n CPU and n memories requires how many switches?
(A) (n log2n)/2               (B) n/2(n log2n)
(C) log2n                        (D) log2n/2
Answer: A
4.       The minimum pit length for a single layer DVD is:
(A) 500               (B) 400
(C) 600              (D) 250
Answer: B
5.       A pipelining system with n segments takes 50 sub operations in a sequence. The time taken to complete a sub operation in each segment is 8 nsec. If the task is completed in 424 nsec, what is the value of n?
(A) 2                   (B) 8
(C) 4                   (D) 16
Answer: C

6.       In multiprocessor system, a processor generated signal that serves to prevent other processors from using the system bus as long as the signal is active can be called as:
(A) Semaphore                        (B) Pipe
(C) Hardware Lock      (D) Critical Session
Answer: C
7.       At the beginning of an instruction cycle, the content of the Instruction Register is 5 and that of Program Counter is 320. When the instruction is read, the address part of the instruction is the number 7. Then the effective address in relative address mode is:
(A) 328               (B) 327
(C) 325              (D) 342
Answer: A
8.       The return address from a subroutine call is arranged as:
(A) Round Robin         (B) FIFO
(C) LIFO                                    (D) Queue
Answer: C
9.       The Bootstrap Leader resides in:
(A) Hard Disk                (B) Any bootable device
(C) RAM                                    (D) ROM
Answer: D
10.    The IRQ commonly assigned to Hard Disk Controller is:
(A) 11                 (B) 12
(C) 13                 (D) 14
Answer: D


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