Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Computer Operator - KIRTADS Solved Paper (132/2015) - Part 2

11.       For DDR2 type RAM with 8 internal blocks and clock speed 533 MHz, the maximum average periodic refresh rate can be:
(A) 4.5                (B) 7.8
(C) 33.3             (D) 17.5
Answer: B
12.       An operating system written as a set of procedures in which, each can call any other without any reservation is:
(A) Virtual System                   (B) Layered System
(C) Distributed System           (D) Monolithic System
Answer: D
13.       A program in execution state is called as:
(A) Shell                        (B) Process
(C) Task             (D) Thread
Answer: B
14.       A situation in which a multiprogramming system spends more time in page I/O:
(A) Starvation               (B) Dead Lock
(C) Fragmentation       (D) Thrashing
Answer: D
15.       Calculate the average access time for the sector of a disk with 512 bytes per sector and 10 ms of average seek time. The disk rotates at a speed of 7200 rpm and transfers data at a rate 4 MB/Sec. The controller overhead is 1 ms. Assume that there is no service time:
(A) 19.6 ms       (B) 16.2 ms
(C) 15.3 ms       (D) 10.3 ms
Answer: C

16.       When a process wants to print a file, it writes the file name in a directory called:
(A) Spooler                   (B) Buffer
(C) Daemon                  (D) Log
Answer: A
17.       In a demand paging system, M is the time to access memory, F is the average time to service a page fault. P is the probability of page fault. Then the effective access time is:
(A) P*M+(1-P)*F           (B) M+(1-P)*F
(C) (1-P)*M+P*F           (D) (M+F)*P
Answer: C
18.       Externally defined symbols are resolved by:
(A) Compiler                 (B) Linker
(C) Loader                     (D) Lexical Analyser
Answer: B
19.       The initial value of a semaphore that ensures only one of the many processes enter the critical session is:
(A) 0                   (B) 1
(C) -1                  (D) 2
Answer: B
20.    Debugging a kernel code is a difficult task, because of:
(A) Kernel code cannot be executed easily under a debugger
(B) Bugs in a kernel code cannot be traced easily, because it is a set of procedures related to a separate process and there will be a little evidence to track the errors
(C) Errors may be hard to reproduce and may collapse the entire system
(D) All the above reasons
Answer: D


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