Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Computer Operator - KIRTADS Solved Paper (132/2015) - Part 3

21.       Which of the following HTML tag has an attribute called Frame?
(A) <INPUT>                 (B) <FORM>
(C) <FRAMESET>       (D) <TABLE>
Answer: D
22.       The HTML DOM Event that is triggered automatically when a user enters a web page is:
(A) OnLoad                   (B) OnFocus
(C) OnOpen                  (D) OnShow
Answer: A
23.       CORBA programmers can develop distributed applications in C++/Java using:
(A) Orbix            (B) OpalOrb
(C) GIOP           (D) EJB
Answer: A
24.       XML captures Hypertext information using:
(A) <A>              (B) XLL
(C) XLS             (D) DTD
Answer: B
25.       In DHCP, the UDP port number for sending data to the server is:
(A) 60                 (B) 62
(C) 65                 (D) 67
Answer: D

26.       Which of the following statement is false?
(A) It is not possible to convert an HTML document into an XML document
(B) Both XML and HTML are subset of SGML
(C) A well formatted XML document need not require DTD
(D) CSS works better with XML than with HTML
Answer: A
27.       In a style sheet, the style rule from another CSS file can be loaded using:
(A) @include                (B) @import
(C) @attach                  (D) @load
Answer: B
28.       The easiest method for a Web Server program to store the client information in a web browser for future use is:
(A) Applet                      (B) Cookie
(C) Template                 (D) Log file
Answer: B
29.       A form of address spoofing resulting in denial of service attack:
(A) Session Hijacking             (B) Island Hopping
(C) Sniffing                               (D) War Dialing
Answer: A
30.    Which of the following is a JavaScript debugging method?
(A) window.alert           (B) console.log
(C) document.write      (D) document.getElementById
Answer: B


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