Thursday, 6 October 2016

Computer Operator - KIRTADS Solved Paper (132/2015) - Part 4

31.       Which of the following statement is false?
(A) Samba can play a number of server roles such as a File Server, Print Server, Primary Domain Controller etc.
(B) Samba allows to share files with windows host.
(C) SWAT requires no web server running
(D) SWAT interface cannot be directly accessed from web browser
Answer: D
32.       Simplest way to pass data between two Linux programs running in a system is:
(A) Socket                     (B) Pipe
(C) Semaphore                        (D) RPC
Answer: B
33.       The Linux command that can be used to search for a pattern matching string in a file:
(A) find              (B) which
(C) grep             (D) search
Answer: C
34.       In Redhat Linux, the powerful and secure method for network configuration is:
(A) NetBios       (B) Netstart
(C) IPSec          (D) Apache
Answer: B
35.       The file system that is the best choice for new installations of Linux is:
(A) NTFS           (B) EX2
(C) EX4             (D) JFS
Answer: C

36.       In a Linux kernel, two mapping registers are simultaneously used as compatibly mapped buffers for CPU and Peripherals. Then the DMA Mapping is:
(A) Consistent Mapping         (B) Buffer Mapping
(C) Streaming Mapping          (D) Scatter Mapping
Answer: A
37.       A format that can only archive a group related files into a single file and cannot perform any compression by itself:
(A) rar                 (B) bz2
(C) tar                 (D) gz
Answer: C
38.       GNOME Display Manager can be configured by editing:
(A) gdm.conf                 (B) GNOME.conf
(C) Xserver.conf          (D) XDM.conf
Answer: A
39.       The powerful online help system of Linux is:
(A) who              (B) man
(C) more            (D) how
Answer: B
40.    A Linux tool that can be used to create hard disk partitions only at the time of Linux installation:
(A) fdisk                         (B) cfdisk
(C) Disk Mount             (D) DRUID
Answer: D


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