Saturday, 8 October 2016

Computer Operator - KIRTADS Solved Paper (132/2015) - Part 6

51.       The communication device that uses spanning tree algorithm to avoid loops:
(A) Router         (B) Gateway
(C) Bridge         (D) Switch
Answer: C
52.       Delaying an outgoing control frame in order to hook onto the next outgoing data frame is called:
(A) Packet Sniffing                  (B) Compounding
(C) Optimal Routing                (D) Piggy Backing
Answer: D
53.       Dijkstra’s algorithm facilitates:
(A) Multipathing                       (B) Shortest Path Routing
(C) Isolated Routing                (D) Centralised Routing
Answer: B
54.       The OSI Layer in which the auto negation resides is:
(A) Physical                  (B) Network
(C) Transport                (D) Data Link
Answer: A
55.       The transmission media that uses BNC connector is:
(A) Coaxial Cable        (B) UTP
(C) STP                         (D) Optical Fiber
Answer: A

56.       The mode of communication used in a serial communication channel is:
(A) Simplex                   (B) Half duplex
(C) Full duplex             (D) Both (B) and (C)
Answer: C
57.       The communication standard for a wireless network is specified by
(A) 802.11         (B) 802.21
(C) 802.8           (D) 802.12
Answer: A
58.       The FDDI network is an example of:
(A) Bus              (B) Star
(C) Ring                        (D) Mesh
Answer: B
59.       A standard protocol for packet switching is:
(A) POTS           (B) SMTP
(C) PSTN          (D) X.25
Answer: D
60.    The number of bits in a MAC Address is:
(A) 32                 (B) 48
(C) 64                 (D) 128
Answer: B


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