Sunday, 9 October 2016

Computer Operator - KIRTADS Solved Paper (132/2015) - Part 7

61.       Which of the following is not a relational operator?
(A) Difference              (B) Addition
(C) Division                  (D) Selection
Answer: B
62.       In DBMS, the front end application performs:
(A) Storage function               (B) Access control
(C) Processing function         (D) All of the above
Answer: C
63.       In a table, the relationship among a set of values are represented by:
(A) Tuple           (B) Attribute
(C) Entity           (D) Key
Answer: A
64.       The Schema that provides a standard way of organizing information into accessible parts:
(A) Logical                    (B) Physical
(C) External                  (D) Storage level
Answer: A
65.       The physical location of a database record is determined by a key transformation in:
(A) Index           (B) Random
(C) Hash           (D) Pointer
Answer: C

66.       Which of the following is not a set operator in SQL?
(A) UNION        (B) UNION ALL
(C) MINUS        (D) LIKE
Answer: D
67.       Which one of the following is a procedural language?
(A) Domain relational calculus         (B) System-R
(C) Query language                            (D) Relational language
Answer: D
68.       A buffer that has been changed in database buffer memory, but not yet written to disk is:
(A) Swap space           (B) Latch
(C) Redo Log                (D) Dirty Block
Answer: D
69.       The timestamp ordering that makes no distinction between the Read and Write access so that only a single value is required for each granule is:
(A) Partial timestamp ordering
(B) Total timestamp ordering
(C) Multi version timestamp ordering
(D) Optimal timestamp ordering
Answer: B
70.    The constraint specifying that account number must be in between 50000 and 80000 is a:
(A) Integrity constraint                        (B) Referential constraint
(C) Default constraint             (D) Key constraint
Answer: A


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