Monday, 10 October 2016

Computer Operator - KIRTADS Solved Paper (132/2015) - Part 8

71.       In a Java program, the length in pixel of a string can be obtained using the method:
(A) Stringwidth             (B) Strlength
(C) Length                    (D) Strwidth
Answer: A
72.       Select the correct statement from the following :
(A) Char p=(char*)malloc(100);
(B) char *p=(char*)malloc(100)l
(C) Char p=(malloc(100));
(D) char *p=(char*)malloc(100);
Answer: D
73.       The statement that is least preferred in C programs in general is:
(A) Recursion               (B) Nesting of different type of loops
(C) Double pointer      (D) Unconditional Jump to a label
Answer: D
74.       What will be the output of following C++ program?
Void main()
char *cp= “computer”;
(A) puter                        (B) mputer
(C) nputer         (D) quter
Answer: C
75.       What will be the output of following C++ program?
void main()
int x=10,y=5,z;
(A) 15                 (B) 16
(C) 17                 (D) 18
Answer: C

76.       In order to get the MIME type of a file, a Servelt may use the methods defined in the interface:
(A) servlet Info              (B) servlet container
(C) Servlet Config       (D) servlet context
Answer: D
77.       Java method that can be used to pause the current thread execution until and unless another thread completes its execution:
(A) sleep            (B) yield
(C) join               (D) suspend
Answer: C
78.       Which Java Interface can be used to store objects using a key-value pair, avoiding duplicate values?
(A) Java.util.Collection           (B) Java.util.Set
(C) Java.util.List                       (D) Java.util.Map
Answer: D
79.       Which of the following statement is false for C++ programs?
(A) Throw cannot be executed from a function called from a try block
(B) Unhandled throw results in an abnormal program termination
(C) Throw is a keyword for newer versions of C++ compiler
(D) Catch block may be selected by matching data type with the value given in throw
Answer: A
80.    Which of the following data type can be used along with switch statement for comparison, in C++?
(A) (int*)             (B) double
(C) enum           (D) struct
Answer: C


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