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Computer Programmer - Engineering Colleges - Solved Paper 18.04.2015 - Part 1

Question Paper Code: 60/2015
Computer Programmer - Technical Education -Engineering Colleges
Date of Test: 18.04.2015

1.       Type of value stored in a variable can be identified using .............. of the variable.
(A) Variable Name       (B) Data Type
(C) Variable Size         (D) None of these
Answer: B
2.       Two main measures for the efficiency of an algorithm are:
(A) Processor and memory    (B) Complexity and capacity.
(C) Time and space                 (D) Data and space
Answer: C
3.       If two sets A and B have no common elements then such sets are known as:
(A) Union          (B) Distinct
(C) Disjoin         (D) Complement
Answer: C
4.       ................. are used to overcome the difference in data transfer speeds of various devices.
(A) Speed enhancing circuitry          (B) Bridge circuits
(C) Multiple buses                               (D) Buffer registers
Answer: D
5.       Cache memory works on the principle of:
(A) Locality of data                  (B) Locality of memory
(C) Locality of reference         (D) Locality of reference and memory
Answer: C
6.       If 11001101, is divided by 1102 the remainder is:
(A) 101   (B) 11
(C) 0       (D) 1
Answer: D
7.       The program that brings the object code into memory for execution is:
(A) Loader         (B) Fetcher
(C) Extractor     (D) Linker
Answer: A
8.       The order in which the return addresses are generated and used is:
(A) LIFO             (B) FIFO
(C) Random      (D) Highest priority
Answer: A
9.       The classification of Buses into synchronous and asynchronous is based on:
(A) the devices connected to them   (B) the type of data transfer
(C) the timing of data transfers         (D) none of the above
Answer: C
10.    Winch is not a magnetic storage device?
(A) Hard disk                (B) Tape drive
(C) Compact disk         (D) All of these
Answer: C

11.    In a digital representation of voltages using an 8-bit binary code, how many values can be defined?
(A) 128               (B) 256
(C) 64                 (D) 16
Answer: B
12.    The memory used to hold the address of data stored in the cache is:
(A) Associative memory          (B) Primary memory
(C) Secondary memory          (D) Register
Answer: A
13.    ............. is a black box testing method.
(A) Basic path testing                         (B) Code path analysis
(C) Boundary value analysis            (D) Recovery testing
Answer: C
14.    The strategy of temporarily suspending the running process is called:
(A) First come first serve         (B) Shortest job first.
(C) Preemptive scheduling    (D) Non-preemptive scheduling
Answer: C
15.    Fork is:
(A) Creation of a new job       (B) Dispatching of new task
(C) Creation of new process             (D) Increasing priority of process
Answer: C
16.    Resolution of externally defined symbol is done by:
(A) Linker          (B) Loader
(C) Compiler     (D) Assembler
Answer: A
17.    In .................. topology, whole network goes down, if a computer’s network cable is broken.
(A) Ring             (B) Star
(C) Bus              (D) Token ring
Answer: A
18.    Baudot code uses ................ bits per symbol.
(A) 3       (B) 5
(C) 6       (D) 8
Answer: B
19.    Which of the following problem is undecidable?
(A) Membership problem for CFL
(B) Membership problem for regular sets
(C) Fitness problem for FSAs
(D) Ambiguity problem of CFGs
Answer: D
20.    Image compression is:
(A) reducing the size of image to fit to screen
(B) making image look better
(C) reducing the redundancy of image data
(D) reducing degradation over image
Answer: C

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