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HSST Computer Science Solved Paper 01.09.2011 Cat. No.111.2010 - Part 2

21.       Full Binary tree with n leaves contain:
(A) n nodes                   (B) 2n-1 nodes
(C) n-1 nodes               (D) log n nodes
Answer: B
22.       Which is not possible in a thread?
(A) Ready                      (B) Wait
(C) Suspended            (D) Running
Answer: B
Thread exists in several states. A thread can be running .It can be ready to run as soon as it gets CPU time. A running state can be suspended.
23.       The margin of a word document can be displayed on the horizontal or vertical ruler with the mouse and the:
(A) FONT SIZE Button            (B) ALT key
(C) DELETE key                      (D) CTRL key
Answer: B
24.       The 2’s complement of the binary value 10 is:
(A) 10                 (B) 11
(C) 01                 (D) 110
Answer: A
25.       The property that the OOPs will permit the same operation to be carried out differently, based on the object is:
(A) inheritance                                     (B) polymorphism
(C) function overloading        (D) data abstraction
Answer: B
26.       The IP address is named as:
(A) Loop back address            (B) IP address in a standard network      
(C) LAN server address          (D) Default router address
Answer: A
27.       The Virtual Memory is located logically:
(A) in the CPU
(B) in main memory
(C) in between CPU and primary memory
(D) in the Hard disk
Answer: D
28.       The Banker’s algorithm in resource allocation deals with:
(A) Dead lock prevention       (B) Dead lock recovery
(C) Deadlock avoidance        (D) Mutual exclusion
Answer: C
29.       Thrashing occurs in:
(A) large computers
(B) a natural consequence of the virtual memory system
(C) can always be avoided by swapping
(D) poor paging algorithm
Answer: D
A process that is spending more time paging than executing is said to be thrashing. (i.e., page fault occurs frequently). In other words, that the process doesn't have enough frames to hold all the pages for its execution, so it is swapping pages in and out very frequently to keep executing. As poor paging algorithm is used page fault occurs frequently. So, poor paging algorithms can quickly lead to thrashing.
30.    Compilers can identify:
(A) syntax errors                      (B) semantic errors
(C) logical errors                      (D) mathematical errors
Answer: A

31.    What was the first Scientific Computer Programming Language?
(A) COBOL                   (B) LISP
(C) ADA                         (D) FORTRAN
Answer: D
32.    Which is the first Object Oriented Language?
(A) ADA                         (B) COBOL
(C) LISP                        (D) FORTRAN
Answer: A
33.    Producer consumer problem is example for application of:
(A) Monitors                  (B) For Monitors, Semaphores and Event counters
(C) Semaphores          (D) Event counters
Answer: B
34.    What was the data transmission method in which bi-directional data flow is allowed?
(A) Simplex                   (B) Duplex
(C) Analog                    (D) Single side mode
Answer: B
35.    Yahoo was developed by:
(A) Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson      (B) Vint Cerf and Robert Kahn
(C) David Filo and Jerry Yang                      (D) Steve Case and Jeff Bezos
Answer: C
36.    Resolution of Video display unit does not depend on:
(A) Raster scan rate                            (B) Band width
(C) Vertical and Horizontal scans    (D) Screen size
Answer: D
37.    Resolution of Video display unit does not depend on:
(A) Raster scan rate                            (B) Band width
(C) Vertical and Horizontal scans    (D) Screen size
Answer: D
38.    The true statement for parallel transmission is:
(A) simultaneous transmission of all bits
(B) speed is specified in bps
(C) slower than serial
(D) micro computers use this
Answer: A
39.    Gray code for the decimal number 7 is:
(A) 0111            (B) 0100
(C) 0101            (D) 1011
Answer: B
40.    Evaluate the pre-fix expression -*63-41 will result in:
(A) 25                 (B) 23
(C) 15                 (D) 12
Answer: C

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